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After collapsing in the street bloodied and battered, You Satou has no recollection of what happened to him – the only thing he remembers is going to the supermarket to buy a bento lunchbox. After having bizarre encounters the entire following day including a stern warning to stay away from the store, You returns that night to buy dinner. But when he spies the shelf of half-priced bento and reaches out for one, the penniless teen finds himself thrust into a world where the rush to get a good deal becomes an epic battle in which only the strongest survive…

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 12, 2012
Score: 4/10

Just like there is junk food, there is also junk anime, and Ben Tou is a fine example.

Animated by David Production, a minor studio which always has rather good production values in its works but never produced anything significant (examples include Ristorante Paradiso, The Book of Bantorra, Level E). I guess you can never make something good out of anything related to that piece of shit Studio... read more

Archaeon's avatar by Archaeon on Jan 27, 2012
Score: 6/10

Times are hard, and in these days of global economic crisis and recession more and more people have joined the hunt to find the best bargains. As with anything in life though, experience is what counts, and veterans in the ways of saving money will usually have the upper hand in the war of the aisles. While there are a few young hotshots who have a natural talent for finding a store's bargain products, the... read more

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