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Belle and Sebastian

Alt titles: Meiken Jolie

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2.164 out of 5 from 238 votes
Rank #4,399


In the French countryside, a large white dog roams from place to place, helping townspeople where she goes; but the ungrateful people think she is a menace and a threat, and seek to capture and kill her. Meanwhile, in a town near the Pyrenees Mountains that separate France from Spain, a young boy named Sebastian lives a life of loneliness. Left behind by his gypsy mother when he was just a baby, Sebastian has been raised since birth by an old man and a young woman; but even though he is surrounded by a loving family, Sebastian is picked on by the other children and longs to know his real parents. When the white dog arrives in Sebastian’s town, her and the boy happen upon each other and become fast friends. Sebastian names his newfound companion Belle and does his best to keep her safe, but ultimately the two must flee their home. With mountains and adventures ahead of them, Sebastian and Belle set forth to escape danger and find Sebastian’s mother.

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Name Role
Shuichi SEKI Character Design
Kenji HAYAKAWA Director
Akihiro KOMORI Music
Yoshio KATO Producer
Nobuaki HOSADA Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Belle and Sebastian Shucurucu 5.5/10 May 12, 2011
Meiken Jolie Shucurucu 5.5/10 May 12, 2011
List Title Username Entries Date
Anime I remember from my childhood trottolina 29 Mar 9, 2014
visti Tilius 437 Feb 3, 2014
Anime With Canines caninesrock 45 Jun 9, 2013
dj8900 dropped Belle and Sebastian
kusanagiV1 won't watch Belle and Sebastian
jaioni watched Belle and Sebastian at 52 of 52 episodes
tayubino rated the Belle and Sebastian anime 1.5/5 stars
tayubino watched Belle and Sebastian at 52 of 52 episodes

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While it's much more action-packed, darker, and more violent than Meiken Jolie, Full Metal Alchemist is also about a boy's journey motivated by the absence of his mother.  Both series have their moments of adventure and stillness, and both focus on the friendship between the main character and his travelling companion, as well as the places and people he encounters.

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