Battle Programmer Shirase

OVA (15 eps x 12 min)
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Shirase Akira is a genius hacker who has earned the nickname "Battle Programmer Shirase" (or BPS for short) for his incredible talent. From saving corporations to global security, BPS is always willing to help a hand -- for the right price. But for skills like his, money is not an option, so be sure to have specialized computer parts, sold-out tickets, or huggable life-sized cat girl posters to spare! With BPS in charge, no computer is safe! That is, if he can manage to stop being a complete slacker...

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roriconfan Apr 12, 2012
Score 5/10

This is basically a minor production, done with minimal funds and with hope of a better sponsored sequel. This never happened and the whole project was scrapped. Back when I originally watched it I was still new to the medium and I was amazed with its bold humour and fast pace so I was really hoping they would one day pick it up again. After all these years though, I now don’t care much about it since it... read more

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RabidMonk Oct 2, 2010
Score 6/10

BPS is one of those shows you watch and find strangely compelling, but also disappointing at the same time. Either way, I do and would recommend it for certain people. Not everyone, mind you, but for some it may be a quick and fun romp through something a bit different.Positives: BPS is silly, but mixed in between the silly is a compelling concept and some pretty funny moments. I really enjoyed the protagonists... read more



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