Battle Angel Alita

OVA (2 eps)
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Among the garbage dumped down from the mysterious aerial city of Zalem, a new life is found. Restored by a brilliant cyberneticist, a young girl named Gally struggles to find her own place in the world, to learn the extent of her own deadly abilities and to discover that which makes her truly human: love.

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CaptainSlow Sep 1, 2014
Score 7/10

What I Liked: The dichotomy of the idyllic Zalem and the "fallen" Scrap Iron City, told through both the setting and the characters. The fact that Alita / Gally acclimatises to her new cyborg body quickly and bypasses the cliched "lost humanity" angst. Great animation and character designs (for the time). Good pacing, with a number of interesting minor plotlines.   What I... read more

SpanglishJC's avatar
SpanglishJC Mar 10, 2017
Score 7/10

SpanglishJC's Battle Angel Alita 'Short Review' An anime of the cyberpunk genre, BAA is about a cyborg named Gally that had been dumped on a large pile of rubbish and had been revived by a doctor of cybernetics. The OVA sets up a very cyberpunk-esque environment. We have a very run down, fairly decrepit town rife with crime whilst up above the city of Zalem floats which is described as some sort of... read more

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