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In the future, basketball is played by giant robots called Bigfoots and the wealthy elite live on the moon. Dan JD is a cocky young boy who lives on the planet Earthdash and makes a meager living working as a delivery service. He dreams of someday bringing his disabled sister to the moon to give her the medical treatment she needs. Dan also despises the boring playing style used by official Bigfoot Basketball, so the first chance he gets he crashes a game to show the world how it's really done - destroying the arena and being thrown in jail in the process! However, by the time he's released, Dan's story is legendary, spawning countless imitators who smash up the city in their Bigfoot duels. All Dan's got to do is fend off his rivals, try desperately to keep his business afloat, and aim for the moon!

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roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 8, 2012
Score: 6/10

FIRST IMPRESSIONS So, mechas and sports. I tried to watch this formula in the past and I didn’t like it one bit. Sports are generally a boring genre and mechas that don’t blow things up look weird to watch. Well, surprisingly this series is not really just about sports or mechas. It is more about wacky characters, boob ecchi and awesome ShoesTM advertisement. So, don’t drop it on first... read more

snoflake's avatar by snoflake on Feb 7, 2010
Score: 8.5/10

Giant basketball playing robots. That one statement would have been enough to make me turn away from this series in a heartbeat. Thankfully, however, I began this show blissfully unaware of the plot and was able to see Basquash for the quality it had. Admittedly, the basic premise sounds ridiculous and when you throw in the strangest pet sidekick I've seen in awhile and the fact that the sport played can barely... read more



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