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Usagi Drop

Usagi Drop

When Daikichi's grandfather dies he leaves behind a young daughter named Rin. However, as most of the family is embarrassed at the idea of a 79-year-old man having a six-year-old child, they can't seem to figure out what to do with her. Disgusted by this behavior, Daikichi decides to take care of her himself, but he's a bachelor, has no idea how to raise a child, and isn't even all that comfortable with kids! Now, Daikichi must do the normal things a parent does such as enroll her in school, buy her clothing and teach her about the life and world around her. But more importantly, he must also help her deal with her father's death and decide whether or not she should try to find her mother. Together, the two begin their unlikely relationship as father and daughter, navigating each of life's bumps along the way.

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Reasons you might like Usagi Drop...

Bradalee Bradalee says...

A grown man finds himself unexpectedly in the constant company of a cute young girl who makes his life both more fun, and more hectic, as well as instigating moments of genuine introspection about his life. The interactions between these two central character in each show is top notch, with Usagi Drop perhaps being more dramatic and serious in tone to the more comedic nature of Barakamons couple, but the pairings definitely overlap in all areas plenty of the time. 

If you're looking for a sickeningly cute or funny show, or one which deals with child/adult relationships then you could do a lot, lot worse than give either of these shows a whirl. 

Akikoshikata Akikoshikata says...

If you enjoyed watching a man learn to interact with children, then you might also like Barakamon. Despite different storylines and circumstances they do show the fun side of being around children as well as the frustration of setting a good example as an adult. Both stories tend towards the layed back and comedic but also have a good plot and story progression.

Starletka Starletka says...

Both series revolve around a relationship of an adult man and a small girl. The atmospheres and the style of drawing are quite similar. While Usagi Drop is serious, Barakamon is a comedy.

rivers rivers says...

it has a bit of the same atmosphere, however barakamon focusses a tad more on caligraphy and the overall interactions with the islanders and usagi drop focusses more on the relationship bbetween daikichi and rin and how it feels to be a parent

both are really good anime though and they give off a really great vibe, they also both have really nice animation (quite different from each other but still)

if you like one you definitely like the other 

Alpasar Alpasar says...

It has the same atmosphere, the only difference is that barakamon is comedy, instead of usagi drop which has drama. Both of them are nice, just give them a chance and you will not regret it ;)

kenikki kenikki says...

Both anime mainly revolve around a man acting as a guardian/father-figure to a young girl and how they change each others lives.

They're both very funny, and very, very heartwarming. Barakamon leans more towards the funnier aspects while Usagi Drop is more sweet and heartwarming. Either way, they are both excellent.

If you like one of them, you NEED to see the other.

b4ckstr33t b4ckstr33t says...

Both have an older male learning to deal with and interact with children. While usagi drop is about learning to put someone else before yourself, barakamon is about interacting with multiple children and allowing them to help you grow as a person. 

Silver Spoon

Silver Spoon

When Yuugo Hachiken enrolled at Ezonoo, an agricultural high school, he had no idea what he was getting himself into. While his classmates revel in the barnyard chores and hard labor, eager to gain skills for their careers, Yuugo is challenged and sometimes downright horrified by the things he’s having to learn, whether he’s corralling stray cows, learning the shocking truth of where chicken eggs come from, or even getting comfortable with riding a horse! Alongside peers such as the lovely Aki, Yuugo will learn all he can about agriculture, making close friends in the process.

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Reasons you might like Silver Spoon...

Bradalee Bradalee says...

Each of these series kick off by introducing the viewer to a main character who has moved into a rural, and alien area from the big city after a crisis of confidence in his life. The story then follows him as he adapts to his new surroundings, a different pace of life and a quirky group of people who keep him on his toes while he searches for himself.

Both series are a fairly relaxing watch, with lots of really fun character interactions and well placed humour that ranges from smirk inducing to full on laugh out loud. If you enjoyed one of these shows for either of those reasons, then the other may well be right up your alley.

MonkeyZerg MonkeyZerg says...

If you enjoy the gentle comedy mined from the culture shocks a city boy experiences out in the country side, you'll love Silver Spoon and Barakamon. Both are beautifully animated, and Silver Spoon is genuinely educational about farming while Barakamon expresses the annoyances and strengths of village communities. If you liked one, I'm sure you'll appreciate the other. 

kenikki kenikki says...

While the settings are different, they're both "fish out of water" stories, where the main character is placed in a 'world' he doesn't quite fit in, but comes to appreciate more and more over time.

They are both anime which set out to make you happy all the way to your core.

harshrox2 harshrox2 says...

If I compare Barakamon to any series which is delightful & comic at the same time , only silverspoon comes to my mind. both are about a socially akward person who got invoved in a out of place society for him and....... you will see



Yuki is an introverted teenager whose intense fear of public speaking makes it difficult for him to make friends, so hoping for a fresh start, he moves with his grandmother to the small island of Enoshima. Shortly after his arrival he encounters Haru, a strange youth claiming to be an alien - and what's more, the otherworldly visitor requests his help to catch a strange being that inhabits the local waters! Along with fellow classmate and local angling celebrity Natsuki, the boys must now form a bond in the hopes of saving the town from the force that is threatening it. With a mysterious organization also lurking about and posing potential danger, Yuki must put his best face forward and protect the island... with the help of a fishing rod?!

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Reasons you might like Tsuritama...

thatotakugirl thatotakugirl says...

Both shows follow a "city slicker" protagonist with not much experience dealing with people who moves to an island populated by quirky locals. While tsuritama has supernatural elements and Barakamon is purely slice-of-life, both shows are calming to watch and heartwarming. They both feature flutes as part of the soundtrack.