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Banner of the Stars III

Alt titles: Seikai no Senki III

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4.081 out of 5 from 1,791 votes
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The Union has retreated and thus the Abh have regained control of the Hyde System. As Earl of the Hyde System, this means Jinto has his work cut out for him! Together with Lafiel he takes a temporary leave from the military and heads homeward to do his duties as an Earl; meanwhile, the Empire’s new type of attack ship is moving to the Hyde System for a test run. Are the citizens of Martine, Jinto’s home planet, still holding onto their rebellious ways? If so, Jinto may end up having to exercise more diplomacy than he originally thought necessary...

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Seikai no Senki (Light Novel) 1996 TBD
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Name Role
Keisuke WATABE Character Design
Yasuchika NAGAOKA Director
Katsuhisa HATTORI Music

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Official Editorial Reviews

Title Author Score Date
Banner of the Stars III Sheex 8.6/10 Jan 16, 2008
Seikai no Senki III Sheex 8.6/10 Jan 16, 2008

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anime draivan 201 Dec 9, 2013
Watched / Seen Navolrac 75 Apr 24, 2013
all my anime #1 ANIMEamber 659 Sep 3, 2012

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Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

The war between the monarchical Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance has raged ceaselessly across the galaxy for over a century, with the fleets of both powers having fought countless battles. Currently the conflict revolves around the strategic Iserlohn Corridor, one of only two passages of space through which the two forces can access each other. Here the Empire has built the nigh-impregnable Iserlohn Fortress, whose deadly weaponry has thwarted repeated efforts by the Alliance to capture her. Phezzan, a neutral mercantile state, controls the other corridor. The long war has resulted in an indecisive stalemate, but there are two men from the two worlds who will change everything: Wen-Li Yang, a gifted strategist from the Alliance who wants nothing more than to retire and be a historian; and Reinhard von Lohengramm, a man from the Empire whose ambition knows no bounds. Their loves, struggles, triumphs and failures play across an interstellar stage of intrigue, war and death.

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Amongst the sci-fi/space genres of the realm of anime shines two great series that rise above the rest. They are of course The Stars series and The Legend of Galactic Heroes.

Both series thrust their characters in the midst of a massive interstellar war, each in their own astonishingly created universes. Both show how the political and military actions of their factions can affect the daily lives of those who live in it. These items aside, both of the series show outstanding levels of character development that will allow for viewers to sympathize and to genuinely love these characters.

These reasons aside, there are many more that will make you love one and the other upon viewing. If you love watching the amazing character development or the sci-fi world of the Stars series or The Legend of Galactic Heroes, you will surely love the other.


What could be better than Banner of the Stars III? Legend of the Galactic Heroes, of course! Not only is the world concept highly involving, with lots of strategic battling, the politics of LOTGH is just stupendous. Moreover, like Banner III, the characterisation is out-of-this-world excellent. You thought Jinto and Lafiel were the best sci-fi could offer? Then wait till you see Yang Wenli and Reinhard von Lohengramm (amongst others). LOTGH is simply an epic, intelligent, gripping political sci-fi with a intriguing vintage world concept. If you really liked Banner of the Stars III, you'll regret not watching LOTGH.



In the year 2075, humanity has spread to the stars, along with their technology, colonies, and... waste? At such great speeds in orbit, even a tiny bolt can cause a tragic disaster. Enter the team of the half division. Their job? To gather the garbage and debris that circles the Earth, in order to keep space safe. From broken-down satellites to bolts and nails, there's nothing that the underpaid and underappreciated staff can't salvage. Join Hachimaki, Tanabe, Fee, and the rest of the gang as they risk their lives to keep space clean, and keep their wallets... empty.

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If what you liked about Banner of the Stars II is the well-conceived sci-fi world with leanings towards realism and detail, then definitely watch Planetes. More than that, Planetes also has a strong focus upon interesting, unique characters with highly immersive stories to tell. Although Planetes is more of a 'world of tomorrow' type series with ordinary human beings rather than aliens, it is also a successful sci-fi with an impressive level of world detail and cultural development.

The Twelve Kingdoms

The Twelve Kingdoms

Yohko is nothing but ordinary. Throughout her life she has been considered an outcast, especially with a hair color not native to many in Japan, bright red. Things change for Yohko when a mysterious man named Keiki arrives and claims that she is his empress. Yohko and two friends are then taken through a vortex, and then abandoned.. in a world of demons and magic.

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The Twelve Kingdoms and The Stars series are both generally character~centered anime. Both series are able to create magnificently crafted worlds that will surely captivate viewers given their massive scale and fine detail. Furthermore, both series show how the personal lives of each character are affected by the greater flow of things as the worlds they live in continue to progress. Lastly, both series are able to fully show their potential and not only stay at that but they are also able to go beyond what their initial potential is and become something truly great.

If you are captivated by the beautifully crafted world of the Twelve Kingdoms or the meticulously formed Culture of the Stars Series, you will surely like the other.