Banner of the Stars II

Alt title: Seikai no Senki II

TV (10 eps)
4.142 of 5 from 2,743 votes
Rank #651

Lafiel and Jinto are assigned to what they think is a routine diplomatic mission at a planet newly conquered by the Abh. But little do they know that the planet is no less than a penal colony for the galaxy's most ruthless and violent! When an all out war breaks out in the surface, the two are caught in the middle... and it may cost one of them their life!

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Fireaxe Oct 5, 2009
Score 9.7/10

Originally posted on the forums on June 4th 2008Wow.... I thought Crest of the Stars was great, and felt that Banner of the Stars I could have been a lot better...but... seriously Banner of the Stars II couldn't have been any better. Everything seemed... read more

YuchanT's avatar
YuchanT Nov 1, 2009
Score 10/10

All the reviews seem to start with comparing the fights. It's really an invalid comparison. Cool fights is nothing compared to WHY they are doing cool fights. Actually, upon visiting this review again, the fights are very 'cool' but not in the usual sense of greatly animated scenes, but by the presentation as a whole, including the mood that is conveyed.What makes a fight good is the characters that... read more

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