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Banner of the Stars

Alt titles: Seikai no Senki

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4.014 out of 5 from 2,982 votes
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Three years have passed since the Four Nations Alliance declared war on the Abh Empire. With both sides decimated by the first encounter, the lull in violence has provided enough time to build fleets massive enough to span the entire galaxy. Just before the Abh complete preparations for their conquest, however, the Alliance launches a pre-emptive strike, forcing them to take the defensive. Now in command of her own ship, Lafiel is assigned to the fleet as a destroyer captain, and eagerly awaits the opportunity to prove herself as a true Abriel. But when a new class of enemy ship appears on the front lines, the tides quickly turn for the worse. With her vessel now little more than cannon fodder, her dreams are turned into a desperate race for survival - can she and her crew survive amidst a battlefield of endless death and destruction?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Crest of the Stars TV 1999 TBD
Crest of the Stars: Birth TV Special 2000 TBD
Crest of the Stars Movie Movie 2000 TBD
Banner of the Stars II TV 2001 TBD
Banner of the Stars Movie Movie 2001 TBD
Banner of the Stars III OVA 2005 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Seikai no Senki (Light Novel) 1996 TBD
Crest of the Stars (Light Novel) 1996 TBD
Seikai Trilogy 1999 TBD
Name Role
Keisuke WATABE Character Design
Yasuchika NAGAOKA Director
Katsuhisa HATTORI Music

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Title Author Score Date
Banner of the Stars KittyEmperor 8/10 Feb 1, 2011
Seikai no Senki KittyEmperor 8/10 Feb 1, 2011
Banner of the Stars simukaid 8/10 Jan 1, 2011
List Title Username Entries Date
Owned Anime animefan1776 211 Dec 31, 2013
anime draivan 201 Dec 9, 2013
My favorite animes so far RinoaAeris 90 Nov 30, 2013
Post Name Username Comments Date
Space - Anime's True Frontier JoeAnimated 0 Feb 21, 12
AchyuthC watched Banner of the Stars at 13 of 13 episodes
d3v4st4t3 watched Banner of the Stars at 13 of 13 episodes
ETMoon101 rated the Banner of the Stars anime 2.5/5 stars
ETMoon101 stalled Banner of the Stars
granavel wants to watch Banner of the Stars

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Starship Operators

Starship Operators

When the oppressive Kingdom suddenly conquers the planet Kibi, a group of space cadets are stranded aboard the spaceship Amaterasu. With no money or power, the crew is funded by the Space Channel TV station… for a price. For though they are given the money to buy the Amaterasu and battle the Kingdom, Shinon and the rest of the cadets must also become reality TV stars, allowing the network to dictate how they look, how they fight, and how they react when faced with the horrors of death. For the cadets aboard the Amaterasu, the battle has just begun...

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Banner of the Stars and Starship Operators are both filled with political turmoil and detailed spaceship battles to the extreme, in addition to a mature sci fi feel with little humor. If you liked one, try out the other.


Do you like non-comedy space operas? Starship Operators and Banner of the Stars are space operas with a female captain of the spaceship. Both series are concentrated on space battles, and on characters aboard the spaceship.


Both of these shows are follow the crews of space warships through their battles and interactions with each other along with the political twists and turns that a war entails.

Whilst both are serious space operas, Banner Of The Stars concentrates a lot more on character development but both series are entertaining to watch.


Both series are space-operas that revolve around an outer-space political conflict, and how the crew of a particular spaceship is dealing with the conflict. Both portray the ups and downs in the life of a young female spaceship captain and her crew. While Banner of the Stars is the most epic of the two (mainly due to its predecessor, Crest of the Stars), you will find SSO surprisingly emotionnal.

Both series also have their share of (you guessed it) space-battles, so if you're a fan of the genre, I'm sure you'll find those two shows equally enjoyable.

Captain Herlock: Outside Legend - The Endless Odyssey

Captain Herlock: Outside Legend - The Endless Odyssey

Years have passed since Captain Harlock disbanded the crew of the starship Arcadia, and he has not been seen since. Most of the space pirates are now either in hiding or are being imprisoned by the new Earth government, which is being run by the invading race called Illumidas. One day, however, Harlock resurfaces in the nick of time to save the life of young Tadashi Daiba, just moments after his father Professor Daiba was killed by the mysterious beings called Nu. Now, the two will join forces and once again the Arcadia will take to the skies with the reunited crew, in an attempt to save the galaxy from the Nu.

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If you liked Banner of the Stars or Captain Herlock you might try out the other. Both anime are full of cheesy battles in outer space and have quirky characters. Though they may not have the best dialogue, these anime can still be fun to watch at times.


The Endless Odyssey and The Banner of the Stars series share an obvious fascination with the endless vastness of Space, and what awaits us there. Aliens, space battles, changing governments, life aboard a space ship and doing the best for your people, even if they don't realize it. Featuring a great cast of characters, impressive space battles and stunning Space visuals, Endless Odyssey and The Banner of The Stars are a treat for all space-opera fans.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

The war between the monarchical Galactic Empire and the democratic Free Planets Alliance has raged ceaselessly across the galaxy for over a century, with the fleets of both powers having fought countless battles. Currently the conflict revolves around the strategic Iserlohn Corridor, one of only two passages of space through which the two forces can access each other. Here the Empire has built the nigh-impregnable Iserlohn Fortress, whose deadly weaponry has thwarted repeated efforts by the Alliance to capture her. Phezzan, a neutral mercantile state, controls the other corridor. The long war has resulted in an indecisive stalemate, but there are two men from the two worlds who will change everything: Wen-Li Yang, a gifted strategist from the Alliance who wants nothing more than to retire and be a historian; and Reinhard von Lohengramm, a man from the Empire whose ambition knows no bounds. Their loves, struggles, triumphs and failures play across an interstellar stage of intrigue, war and death.

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Both series focus on tactical and strategic aspects of massive space battles. Entertwined in the background are stories of love. Also, each deals with the political situations. Both are very well done.

What could be better than Banner of the Stars? Legend of the Galactic Heroes, of course! Not only is the world concept highly involving, with lots of strategic battling, the politics of LOTGH is just stupendous. Moreover, like Banner, the characterisation is out-of-this-world excellent. You thought Jinto and Lafiel were the best sci-fi could offer? Then wait till you see Yang Wenli and Reinhard von Lohengramm (amongst others). LOTGH is simply an epic, intelligent, gripping political sci-fi with a intriguing vintage world concept. If you really liked Banner of the Stars, you'll regret not watching LOTGH.



In the year 2075, humanity has spread to the stars, along with their technology, colonies, and... waste? At such great speeds in orbit, even a tiny bolt can cause a tragic disaster. Enter the team of the half division. Their job? To gather the garbage and debris that circles the Earth, in order to keep space safe. From broken-down satellites to bolts and nails, there's nothing that the underpaid and underappreciated staff can't salvage. Join Hachimaki, Tanabe, Fee, and the rest of the gang as they risk their lives to keep space clean, and keep their wallets... empty.

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Crest of the Stars II, like Planetes, is another serious SF anime. It's more action-orientated than the first series, but the characters and life in space still take priority. It's not childish or silly, unlike 90% of the animated SF out there.

If what you liked about Banner of the Stars is the well-conceived sci-fi world with leanings towards realism and detail, then definitely watch Planetes. More than that, Planetes also has a strong focus upon interesting, unique characters with highly immersive stories to tell. Although Planetes is more of a 'world of tomorrow' type series with ordinary human beings rather than aliens, it is also a successful sci-fi with an impressive level of world detail.

Banner of the Stars II

Banner of the Stars II

Lafiel and Jinto are assigned to what they think is a routine diplomatic mission at a planet newly conquered by the Abh. But little do they know that the planet is no less than a penal colony for the galaxy's most ruthless and violent! When an all out war breaks out in the surface, the two are caught in the middle... and it may cost one of them their life!

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Banner of the stars II is the continuation of the story started in the Crest of the stars and continued in Banner of the stars.