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DVD/BD Watching Backlogby calaggie

Series/Movies/OVA's I own complete DVD/Blu-Ray sets of that I have not finished watching.

Anime I need to Finishby Eklipps

fell of at some point on all of these... need to pick them back up

Anime I Physically Own (Purchased)by Suffren

A List of the Anime I can Physically Hold/Cuddle/Slap, I Have started buying it because I now have a source of income... Hopefully I will get many(, many) more Anime DVD's for my collection =).

Suguha's Anime listby Kirito

this is a list of recommendations that are entry-level, get-your-feet-wet anime. each has several genres within it, they're not too fast that they're confusing, and not too slow that they're boring. most (if not all) of them have a generally wide...