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Touru Souma was a hacker in Steppen Wolf, a rogue group of four who caused mischief in the wired world. But during their final hacking session, they attacked the government agency known as FLAK and Touru’s friend Yuuya died in the process. Haunted by his memories, Touru vows to find the ones responsible for murdering Yuuya, even if it means he must join the enemy to do so. Further complicating the matter is the emergence of the terrorist organization Fei Dao; but the largest challenge Touru must now face is his forgotten memories – especially one involving a girl who continuously reappears in reality...

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Sheex Jul 15, 2007
Score 7/10

Though the idea of futuristic cyber worlds has been recycled time and time again, depending on the quality of the production it can be either fascinating or boring; Baldr Force, fortunately, is of the former category.  Yet, to my dismay, it had one giant hurdle that it had to overcome: time constraint.  It certainly made a valiant attempt at doing so, presenting both a complex and... read more

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tollie01 May 1, 2016
Score 2/10

I picked this OVA series up because it was part of the S.A.V.E. packet here at Right Stuff. This means that it was very very cheap and I decided to gamble. Why is it a gamble? Well.... these SAVE series can be put in 2 categories. The first is that the series was good and many copies were bought in because they expected high sales and they want to get rid of their left over stock. The second is because the... read more



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