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With their manga, Detective Trap, about to begin serialization, Mashiro and Takagi are on cloud nine. But just obtaining a regular series in Shounen Jack is only the start, as they must work harder than ever to stay high enough in the rankings and avoid cancellation. Now, as the pair gets used to working with both assistants and their new editor, the enthusiastic and inexperienced Miura, they prepare to battle it out in the user surveys. But have they struck it lucky with their new editor, and will they be able to keep up the pace as they compete with their friends, take the manga world by storm, and attain that all-important goal of having their story become an anime?

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Bakuman TV 2010 Prequel
Bakuman. (2012) TV 2012 TBD

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Bakuman 2008 Original Manga
Name Role
Tomoyuki SHITAYA Character Design
Kenichi KASAI Director
Noriaki AKITAYA Director
Tsugumi OHBA Original Manga Creator

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Bakuman. kenikki 8/10 Oct 1, 2012
Bakuman. Zutto 9/10 Jun 25, 2012
Bakuman. duchessliz 9.5/10 Apr 26, 2012
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Chihaya Ayase is a famous beauty at her school, but she’s far from a conventional girl. Three years ago in her final year of elementary school, Chihaya and her friend Taichi became infatuated with the card game, Karuta, after connecting with a lonely boy named Arata Wataya. But when the trio graduated from elementary school, they each went their separate ways but shared one common goal: to excel in the game and meet each other at the national championships. Now, Chihaya is attempting to share her passion for the game by creating a competitive Karuta club at school, but when she reunites with Taichi it seems that maybe she’s the only one with the intention of fulfilling their childhood promise...


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These two shows stand out to me as being really excellent examples of "feel-good" anime with substance. As in, when you're done watching an episode, you can't help but feel excited about the story. They're also both about young people who have big dreams working to succeed against long odds, with a side of light romance.


Despite being about two different things, these shows have a lot in common. The characters are extremely passionate and give their all into what they love; playing karuta in Chihayafuru and creating manga in Bakuman. As the story progresses, you'll get sucked in and before you know it, you'll be cheering the characters on as hard as you can as they overcome numerous hardships. Romance, comedy, drama, tears, smiles, and hardwork are all included in both of these series, so don't miss out. 

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Space Brothers

Space Brothers

When Mutta and Hibito were children, they made a promise to become astronauts together after spotting a UFO one night. Now adults, the duo's path couldn't have diverged more – Hibito is about to travel to the moon with NASA to help simulate the future exploration of Mars, and Mutta is unemployed, having recently headbutted his boss at an auto company. Still, the man can't shake his desire to surpass his younger brother, and soon, he becomes an applicant for Japan's JAXA space program. His ultimate goal, to get one step ahead of Hibito and go to Mars. But the path to becoming an astronaut is long and fraught with tests and challenges. Will Mutta and newfound friends Kenji and Serika manage to persevere and achieve their dream?


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Despite being about two different things, these shows have a lot in common. The characters are extremely passionate and give their all into their one true goal in life; becoming an astronaut in Uchuu Kyoudai and becoming a popular manga artist in Bakuman. As the story progresses, you'll begin to cheer the characters on and watch in eagerness as they try to overcome trial after trial. You may even shed tears along with them. If you liked these things in Bakuman, you'll definitely like them in Uchuu Kyoudai.

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