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Custom Lists

All my anime, RANKEDby GabiiTachibana

Every anime I've ever watched ranked from best to worst (excluding unoriginal OVAs/specials and movies; including uncompleted but watched out of order and back story OVAs)

Awful Animeby DanallWillham

This is all the anime that has appeared on my awful anime series and the order I rank them.

Childhood Animesby pokemonarbok1

The stuff I watched as a child

Anime I watched as a child not knowing it was animeby Shadow22m

My parents hate anime, but they unknowingly raised me on it.

Anime I ownby murcam

All the anime I own

Favorite Animeby life13swift

Just my most favorite animes to watch

Don't even botherby TheIceQueen

These shows are sh¡t, in my opinion

I like those ''Childish anime!by daisyendommel

Just the anime's i watched when i was a child and i will still watch because i like them!

Nostalgic Animeby GabiiTachibana

Some of the shows I watched back in my earlier phases of being an anime fan. These shows were pretty much what got me into anime, and they give me such a nostalgic feeling!