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Alt titles: A Monster Story

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4.375 out of 5 from 18,852 votes
Rank #151


Koyomi Araragi is an aloof boy who holds a strange, supernatural secret which inadvertently leads him to others with similar stories. Gods, spirits and afflictions can be pesky things, taking important memories or causing unusual tendencies – a fact that Koyomi and others are unfortunately aware of. Using the help of an eccentric homeless man, Koyomi is able to help new friends he meets along the way with their own paranormal conundrums…

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Bakemonogatari Recap TV Special 2009 TBD
Nisemonogatari TV 2012 Sequel
Nekomonogatari (Black) TV 2012 TBD
Monogatari Series: Second Season TV 2013 TBD
Kizumonogatari Movie 2014 TBD
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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Monogatari (Light Novel) 2006 TBD
Name Role
Akio WATANABE Character Design
Akiyuki SHINBO Director
Satoru KOUSAKI Music
Supercell Music
Atsuhiro IWAKAMI Producer

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Title Author Score Date
Bakemonogatari ratchet573 7.5/10 Mar 11, 2014
A Monster Story ratchet573 7.5/10 Mar 11, 2014
Bakemonogatari Jehowi 5.3/10 Nov 28, 2013
List Title Username Entries Date
Absolute Favorites bologna121121 20 Apr 19, 2014
Explus yasar 447 Apr 17, 2014
My top 5 anime primavera4 5 Apr 16, 2014
JamLasica watched Bakemonogatari at 15 of 15 episodes
rusty217 wants to watch Bakemonogatari
ssdd1983 is watching Bakemonogatari anime at 4 of 15 episodes
Takeshi91 wants to watch Bakemonogatari
leeroyjenkum rated the Bakemonogatari anime 4/5 stars

Recommendations if you like Bakemonogatari

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Sky Crawlers

Sky Crawlers
  • Movie (1 ep x 121 min)
  • 2008

In a world where corporations snuff out the competition by sending fighter jets to attack their offices, teenage pilot Kannami Yuichi is reassigned to a new base. There, he meets Tokino, a carefree pilot who enjoys the company of older women, and Kasanagi Suito, his superior officer who he slowly falls for. However, not everything is as it seems. Soon, distressing questions are raised about Kannami's predecessor, a race of perpetual adolescents known as the Kildren, and the enemy ace of the skies, Teacher.

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The air and nature of these anime reminded me of the other. Both have an interesting plot and are a good watch, if you find anime that go at a slow pace and consist more of dialogue than other things, enjoyable.

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Tasogare Otome x Amnesia

Teiichi Niiya is a first year middle-school student at Seikyou Private Academy, an institution known for mysterious occurrences. The boy quickly finds these rumors to be true when he meets Yuuko Kanoe, a beautiful, mischievous girl who quickly takes a liking to him... and happens to be a ghost who seemingly no one else can see! Unable to remember anything about her past, Yuuko enlists Teiichi’s help to discover the truth, and together they join the school's Paranormal Investigation Club. With fellow memebers Momoe and Kirie, the pair will investigate the many strange happenings around campus, including the shadowy circumstances surrounding Yuuko’s death.

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Tasogare Otome x Amnesia has the same feel as Bakemonogatari. The characters are similar, they both have to do with the super natural and they both have some comedy elements mixed in.

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Urusei Yatsura

Urusei Yatsura

Ataru is one of the most desperate womanizers alive, and a man whose life is about to become complicated. When aliens invade, he discovers he has been chosen at random to be mankind’s defender, and must play a game of tag with the beautiful alien princess Lum to decide the fate of the planet! After chasing her with all of his crafty techniques, Ataru finally wins, but his victory also means he must marry the princess herself! Now, with strange alien visitors and a jealous wife to handle, Ataru still manages to keep an eye on his ultimate goal: having his own harem!

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These are two of my favorite harem comedies.  One is a classic and one modern, but both had excellent animation for their time.  Comedy and ecchi that stays fresh should appeal to fans of either series.



Michiru has an unusual ability: she can see a dark ring around a person's neck that signifies their time to die. However, she suppressed her powers once she "saw" the deaths of her parents – until now. After accidentally seeing rings around the necks of two boys in her school, it seems that Michiru's powers are back for good. The two are zombies who are working for the secret loan office known as Zombie-Loan, and they need Michiru's help to find other zombies – those with dark black rings around their necks. Though Michiru initially refuses, due to a series of events it seems she has no choice but to comply...

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Idk why but i got similar feeling watching these two anime... Except for the romance... there's less of it in Z-Loan. Anyways both anime worth watching)