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Alt titles: A Monster Story

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4.375 out of 5 from 19,414 votes
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Koyomi Araragi is an aloof boy who holds a strange, supernatural secret which inadvertently leads him to others with similar stories. Gods, spirits and afflictions can be pesky things, taking important memories or causing unusual tendencies – a fact that Koyomi and others are unfortunately aware of. Using the help of an eccentric homeless man, Koyomi is able to help new friends he meets along the way with their own paranormal conundrums…

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related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Monogatari (Light Novel) 2006 TBD
Name Role
Akio WATANABE Character Design
Akiyuki SHINBO Director
Satoru KOUSAKI Music
Supercell Music
Atsuhiro IWAKAMI Producer

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Bakemonogatari RandomMangaGuy 9/10 May 28, 2014
A Monster Story RandomMangaGuy 9/10 May 28, 2014
Bakemonogatari ratchet573 7.5/10 Mar 11, 2014
List Title Username Entries Date
MUST watch next! ultimate2106 12 Jul 7, 2014
Top Favourite Animes PaulCreenis 45 Jul 3, 2014
anime list Zieferx 329 Jul 2, 2014
seanb0112 watched Bakemonogatari at 15 of 15 episodes
Twistler is watching Bakemonogatari anime at 9 of 15 episodes
Twistler is watching Bakemonogatari
lovepinkrainbows wants to watch Bakemonogatari
lovepinkrainbows watched Bakemonogatari at 15 of 15 episodes

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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Life is simply not worth living for down and out school teacher Itoshiki Nozomu. He has no hope of progress, no prospect of promotion, no chance at happiness… he is in despair! Even his name spells 'zetsubou' – 'despair', when compressed. But when the time comes to end it all, Itoshiki's attempted suicide on the first day of the new school year is foiled by relentlessly positive Fuura Kafuka. This saves Itoshiki long enough to meet his new class, and the quirky range of students under his care. Will Itoshiki Nozomu depress his students with his anguish? Or will Fuura show Zetsubou-sensei the joys of life and hope?

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Both are animes featuring surrealist drawing style, little actual plot, curious characters, and random discussions about life the universe and everyting.


The same studio's work. Flashly amazing graphics and sharp and hilarious dialogs wrapped in a pretty interesting story revolving about the surreal and supernatural. And the messeges in the backgroud - If you liked Zetsubou Sensei or Bakemonogatari, you should the other one. I assure you like it.


The eyecatcher in both Bakemonogatari and SZS is the artstyle. The way the Shaft animated both series gives them a unique look and feel, and is possibly the only example I know in which the animation influences the anime this much. Apart from the animation, both series have a reasonably large cast of interesting characters, most with their own little background and distinct personalities. I feel that if you liked one of these, you shouldn't be missing out on the other, despite differences in genres.


The style of animation and art directing is next to identical and even if SZS has deeper meanings to it's conversation, both show's conversations are random and confusion in humorous ways.


Alright, on the surface, these two anime have not a whole lot of similarities, apart from their presentation. But in the end, their presentation is so unique and esoteric in a way they're an acquired taste.  If you like the visual feast that is SZS or Bakemonogatari , you'll probably love the other.

Setting that aside, both are primarily comedies, both feed off a great deal of contemporary humor and witty dialogues. 


Both productions of Shaft Animation. Bioth are beautifully designed and an absolute pleasure to watch, not only well designed but quite symbolic. The main Characters are similiar but Zetsubo Sensei is much more extreme, resorting to suicide mostly every episode (I've seen so far). The both share a number of deep, seemingly random conversation about various matter in the world... Trust me you like them both!


Interesting animation coupled with quick wit and great characters; SZS and Bakemonogatari are two peas in a pod. Though the themes covered in both shows vary greatly, the fun/frustrating feeling that if you blink you will miss the punchline is similar in both of these shows.


These series are both Shaft series with the same voice actor as the main character. If you like the zaney main character in one series, or the off beat directing and artwork in one series, the other one is worth looking at.


Sayonara Zetsobou Sensei and Bakemonogatari can almost be considered "two of a kind." Both are Shaft anime with unusual animation styles, memorable characters, and a heavy reliance on in jokes and references.


Both place a great deal of focus on wordplay. They create an enviroment where the narrative pushes dialouge, rather than the dialouge creates the narrative. Great enjoyment for fans of witty anime


These are both harem anime that deviate from the standard. Interesting and beautiful animation round out original and enaging characters.  Humour drives the plot and both are exceptional anime.


If you love endless conversations about many different (often random), but very meaningful topics, then you'll love these 2 series.

The flow of dialogue pulls you in, and often doesn't let go.

Both of them have an awesome artstyle, plus both MCs share the same, great voice actor.


They may differ in content quite a bit, but with both being made by Shaft they have a similar feel to them. The animation is fairly unique in both, as well as the direction being fairly unorthodox. 

Comedy is also fairly prevalent throughout both series, mainly in the form of fast paced, or witty dialogue that is very well written.

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Arakawa Under the Bridge

Holding strictly to his family's creed, Kou Ichinomiya has never once, in his life of privilege, owed anything to anyone – that is, until a self-proclaimed Venusian named Nino saves him from drowning in the wake of a dire accident involving Kou's pants. Eternally indebted to the supposed extraterrestrial, Kou moves into her little community under the bridge along the Arakawa river. Ripped from his life of luxury and success, the young Tokyo U graduate now must adjust to his well-appointed hovel, strange new neighbors, and peculiar lover, Nino.

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Both of these animes are EXTREMELY similar, I can't stress it enough. They use the same kind of comedy. I believe the main protagonist is voice acted by the same person. Both of them are made by shaft, which means the animation quality is great.


Both animes are very similar, have the same Movements, same style, when you watch arakawa the first thing you ll notice is the comedy because is the same style as bake, the eyes movements, the transitions. Than if you liked one you will like the other for sure.


Both anime are very similar in their main characters and stories, though, of course, there are differences. If you like 'Bakemonogatari', you should definitely watch 'Arakawa Under the Bridge', you'll enjoy both.


Made by the same studio, Arakawa Under The Bridge and Bakemonogatari have totally the same style, kinda similar (and weird!) characters. And, of course, they both are comedies not every fan of comedy-genre would like. If you liked one you'll the other, no doubt.


similar, artwork, similar movements, similar type of comedy, similar character designs, Arakawa and Bakemonogatari are also produced by the same studio, studio Shaft. I believe this two shows are pretty similar so if you like one be sure to check the other one as well.


Both being Shaft anime, they share a very unique animation style that few other series can be compared to, along with a similar sense of humor. Beyond that, many characters are very far from ordinary, giving each of these series an extremely different feel than most series.


In addition to both having very unique style of animation which has been come to be expected from work done by Shaft.  Both series also share a similar sense of humor and storytelling and each series also features a interesting cast of characters that you will find hard to find copies of them in other series.  If you liked one then you should definitely check out the other.


The similarities between these two shows are obvious from the opening credits. They are both witty, humor=-packed and extremely dialogue driven. If you are a fan of Studio Shaft or director Akiyuki Shinbo, then these are two shows that can't be missed!


Stars a similar protagonist. Each rather normal guy, one a student, the other a successful business man. Each discusses topics of family relations, and he bonds between friends.

Both of these shows are held together by similar visuals, unique uses of text and color and every day occurrences that have taken a turn into abnormality. A lot of thought and planning has obviously gone into the production of each. Both are well worth the watch!


Both Bakemonogatari and Arakawa Under the Bridge have very witty and clever dialogue and ridiculous situational humor. The art styles are also very similar (the camera snapshots with the eye blinking in particular), and both heavily draw upon parodying other anime.


The art style and comedy of these shows are very similar.  Both contain the straight-man/crazy-guy comedy duo that Japan so loves.  If you like fast-paced humor and strange situations, these are good ones to check out.


They're both produced by Shaft and they have a similar animation style, a pretty unique one that is, you'll notice. They feature the same kind of unusual camera angles and clever sentences with good humor. These two animes really stand out. If you like one of them you will probably like the other too.

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Kimihiro Watanuki is cursed with the ability to see evil spirits known as Youkai. Due to this power, the Youkai are attracted to him like a magnet, and each time he is close to being devoured. One day, fate drew him to a strange store and there, he met Yuuko, who was dressed in a very exquisite fashion. As destiny would have it, Yuuko has the ability to save Kimihiro from seeing the Youkai, but for a price: Kimihiro must work for Yuuko by performing chores around the store and other odd tasks, until she deems fit. With his "friend" Doumeki, and his secret crush Himawari, they will discover that the world they live in is nowhere close to ordinary!

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Both animes have a wandering almost completely normal protagonist which grows with his encounters with the super natural.  XXXHolic is a bit more focused with comedy, but it's serious moments surpass those of Bakemonogatari.  Bakemonogatari however has a focus on mature themes and relationship issues as well.  Both are the best of the supernatural/superstition genre of anime and should not be missed by fans of this category!


Both shows deal with quite "heavy" supernatural stories, even if xxxHOLiC deals more with the stories and Bakemonogatari deals more with the interactions and conversations between the characters. They have plenty of smaller similarities as well, like some slightly different versions of the same myth and how many similarities Oshino and Yuuko share.


There are quite a few episodic series about supernatural stories/spirits.monsters/etc. Bakemonogatari and xxxHolic are different from the rest of these because of the emphasis on comedy, espacially in the dialogue between characters. I prefer xxxHolic, because Bakemonogatari seems to pander to the harem/moe crowd, but I can easily see how the same people would like both.


These series are both rather dialog and humor heavy, while being centered around super natural occurrences. Furthermore, in each series, the main character is drawn to the supernatural, despite not knowing how to deal with it, and constantly needs help, and teaching, on how to deal with it from another character that is well versed in the supernatural.


Both series focus a lot of the dialogue between the characters as the center point for each series.  In addition to this the main character in either series finds himself constantly finds himself in the middle of the supernatural events with little idea as to how to deal with them and must seek help from other characters.  There are also similarities between some of the myths in both series with only slight differences.  So if you liked one then you'll probably like the other as well.


Supernatural dilemmas with a little comedy thrown in for good measure. XXXHOLiC and Bakemonogatari are two shows that explore mystical happenings with roots in issues all too human.


These two shows take on the same situation from two totally diffrent directions. There is a boy at the turning point in his life to become a man who has some experiance with supernatural and a wise but often mysterious mentor who helps them "save themselves" and helps other's with their supernatural problems. Not to mention that there are many other aspect that are the same that I can not mention without giving big spoilers for XXXHOLiC. Anyway, if you like one for it's theme of Asian folklore and mythology and the general feel of mystery that one has then you should most certainly check the other out because I assure you, you will love the other.


Both feature an interesting approach to the supernatural.  Also, though one might argue that Bakemonogatari is more "mature," the same audience can enjoy the thought-provoking concepts from xxxHolic.


both share that supernatural theme and both have a main protaganist who grows as the series progresses and he encounters more expierences with the supernatural

xxxholic may focus a little more on comedy as bakemonogatri focuses a little on the more mature side

but they are both great anime you should watch


Have many resemblance that quite easy to tell: the supernatural theme, the too-helpful main character (Koyomi and Watanuki), the overly-priced problem solver (Oshino and Yuuko) and the slow-pace of the series.

Bakemonogatari has a good romance in it. So if you like watching xxxHolic, you will LOVE Bakemonogatari. No kidding.


they both deal with a similiar conflict/senario in a unique way  to each other and should be along the same genre as well so if you like either of these you are sure to like the other keep in mind that both shows animation are slightly unique and have either multiple season or multiple seasons and movies makeing them a bit longer than your short anime films. also on a continuation about the show they are both revolved around a spirtual or god like theme and how they interacte or after society by showing it through an individusl i will not define or narrow this definition as to the fact that people wanting to watch it don't want spoliers

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  • TV (12 eps x 50 min)
  • 2010

In the wake of a rebellion that shook Japan twenty years prior, Togame Hida, general director and strategist for the army, seeks to obtain the 12 "deviant blades" created by master swordsmith Shikizaki Kiki to help add stability and security to the Bakufu government. To aid in this endeavor, she looks to enlist the help of Yasuri Mutsune, head of the Kyotou-ryu school and hero of the rebellion. But when she arrives on the island where he lives in exile, she finds him dead, succeeded by his skilled yet slightly daft son Shichika. Undeterred, the two set off from the island in search of the swords armed only with Togami's sharp strategic mind and Shichika's powerful, swordless Kyotou-ryu.

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Both are from the same author and as expected, characters are developed nicely with a quirky sense of humour.


As an avid NISIOISIN fan I have to make this reccomendation simply based on the fact that most of NISIOISIN's stories all may be very different but have a similat feel to them that makes a fan of one like the others.


Both shows will leave you in awe after finishing them. They were writen by the same author, and though in my opinion Katanagatari took a little longer to pick up they both had great dialouge and were equally as impressive in the end. Though Katanagatari had more action, and Bakemonogatari had more mystery, neither of these two shows deserve another recommendation more than they deserve each other.


Fanastic writing and dialogue is probably the biggest draw for both series which is a given since both stories are written by Nisio Isin.  In addition to this both feature great interaction between the characters to the point that everything feels natural and well planned out.  While Katanagatari does tend to have more action than Bakemonogatari who has something more of supernatural/mystery feel to it.  Both have an abundence of memorable characters and are sure to keep the viewer completely interested.


Both series are based on light novels by the same author, therefore they have a lot in common in terms of the writing style. Both series rely heavily on dialogue to drive their respective plots, and a lot of dialogue is what you are going to get with each. Katanagatari feels more like a solid epic with two main characters developing over the course of the series; while Bakemonogatari is broken down into 5 arcs which have more of a short story feel to them. Both are excellent in terms of the wit and humor injected into some rather disturbing situations. Both anime are critically well known and excellent in terms of production quality. A fan of one will want to check out the other.


The light novels each of these series are based on were written by the same author. As such, they both have many similar characteristics, such as a large number of puns, areas of heavy dialog, and some similar pacing. If you liked one, it is worthwhile to check the other one out.


They even give off the same feeling, the interesting background, storyline and unique yet rather realistic characters makes it special. I especially love the broken transitions and flat gradient patterns.


Great plot and character development in both, heavy on the dialog.  If you like one, then you're more than likely to like the other based on story, character design, and story pace.

Dance In The Vampire Bund

Dance In The Vampire Bund

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Both animes have the same nice graphics/animation,Bakemonogatari have a vampire too,and the humor is similar. So if you enjoyed one of these animes you must try the other one


If you think about it, there actually quite the same. Because first of all, they have vampire’s. And if you have an eye for it they have both the same kind of dialogs. People have a conversation that is really abstract and not really show any emotion. And that is the point that you will like the other if you liked one of them. I think people that like one of them are kind of interested in the dialogs there having. In Bakemonogatari they show the missing emotions with things flashing through. In Dance in the Vampire Bund they do the same only there are less things that are flashing through and its more concentrated on camera view and the music. Of course there are people that liked one of them because of the violent atmosphere. Because the dialogs are not only abstract without emotion they are constantly threaten each other. Also I may not forget they both have the fights everyone would like. Once in the while they fight however when they do it they do it good. Remember watch both even if you didn’t even watched one of them.


Both of these animes are pieces of art in my opinion. The quality and animation of both are astonishing and very clear. They also have the same feel to it if you know what i mean. Darkness, romance, alot of smart talk :)


Both being made by Shaft, they each have a similar method of story telling, a similar art and character design. They also are both heavy of ecchiness and loliness and have a lot of supernatural myths/characters.


Both Bakemonogatari and Dance in the Vampire Bund are alike in many ways. The animation style and techniques applied to the visuals make these two anime's a must 'watch'. Listening or in some cases, reading the story alone is not enough to fully comprehend the intentions, feelings and complexities of both storys' characters.

The animation and the delivery of both animes leave them as highly recommended in my books.


has a very similar feel with the jumping around and what not. Deals with the whole supernatural theme really well and has strong vampire points in each of these amimes.

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