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It's the 1930s, and Mafia groups fight for supremacy in American cities. Young Firo joins the secretive Camorra group; a meek street boy, Jacuzzi, finds himself the leader of a gang of thugs; an alchemist is producing a liquor of immortality, and a homunculus tries to retrieve it; and upbeat thieves Isaac and Miria head to New York after failing to strike gold in California. They ride the novel train, the Flying Pussyfoot, across the continent. However they find themselves embroiled in a ruckus caused by gangs, terrorists, serial killers, and others as multiple stories intertwine and unfold on this fateful ride. All are haunted and hunted by the legendary Rail Tracer...

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mariprosa Jan 12, 2008
Score 8.5/10

The 1930s were a time when many societies hit economic depressive lows, Black Tuesday might have been the start of the Great Depression, but it reared its ugly head and took hold of the lives of many people in the 30s, leaving them desitute and struggling to make ends meet. Yet, there were those lurking in the shadows that made it big and continued to live in luxury, a luxury entangled in blood... read more

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randomredneck Jun 13, 2011
Score 4/10

Howdy fellow anime viewers. Its RandomRedneck again, offering my opinion on another show I've seen. You hear the words "Great anime" tossed around a lot. And every time someone brings up one of these great anime's, some jerk will swoop in and call it trash...bad news for you, I'm one of those jerks. And in this review, i give my thoughts on the supremely overrated spectacle that is Baccano. Let us... read more

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