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"Good" animes that take place outside of Japanby linspoppa

Series exploring foreign settings. Since a lot of anime is pretty ethnocentric, they're hard to find. The story can be set in a fantasy world, a different country or go back and forth between multiple countries. I don't count fillers or brief trips...

Would Watch Againby Masteranimegirl

These anime were so good that'd I watch again.

Better In The Dubby SeprithLiCastia

In the Sub versus Dub debate, I am neutral and have shows I prefer in either-or. This is a sister list with "Better In The Sub." Unranked, unfinished, and naturally tastes will vary.

anime u must watch before you die ~~~!!!!by sarah16

dont worry you will love it.!! (may contain movie)

Anime in 4 Words (WIP)by HyakkiHikou

Anime: It's Joke! (and life-changing.)

Educated top anime listby pokelvis

This is an orderd list of what are (in my humble opinion) the best anime of all time (that i have seen). I will put only one anime per franchise but the entire franchise should be watched. The entry included will be the one that allows an easier...

Favorite "Short" Anime Seriesby Yokaze

List of short anime to watch when I need a pick up.

Favorite Anime of 2007by kimbeey13

List is based solely on my own opinion and anime preferences. This list will only contain shows that I have completed, in order of favorite to least. (List still under construction)

Best/most creative Dirtinstoun

The following shows knows when to show you what, and does it flawlessly.