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Rbastid's avatar By on Jan 3, 2015

When the Train ride ends, the story just begins for a few of our characters. Unfortunately they've added a new guy to the mix, and he's the reason we can't have nice things.

Story - 6/10

This three episode OVA seems as if it was supposed to be the continuation of the show, but somewhere along the line they just decided that those first thirteen episodes were as close to perfection as they could get.

After arriving back in New York City Jacuzzi and the gang are resting up and healing their wounds, when they welcome a new member, Chane, the mysterious mute girl and daughter of Immortal Huey Laforet. At the same time, monumentally annoying and unoriginal character Graham Specter is out for revenge for the injury and imprisonment to his boss and mentor Ladd Russo. Finally there's the fearsome  Gandor family, all who are now taking advantage of their immortal state by….setting up dominos in the basement of their restaurant (thus taking any great story lines and replacing them with useless goofball humor)

Tossed in here and there is also a little storyline having to do with Rachel learning the truth about Czes and Vino, but this interesting tale was instead preempted by the main focus.

That main focus is Graham Specter running around as a useless and annoying character who brings nothing to the series except a negative impact on their score.

Animation - 9/10

Everything was pretty much exact to the series, a few more beauty shots of NYC in the 1930s, but nothing to change the score.

Sound - 8/10

Again, the change from the original series is almost nonexistent. The only changes I gave from the original were to take 9 points away for the poison to the ears and bad copy of Ladd Russo, known as Graham Specter, and then adding 8 points for the use of the underused characters of Elmer and Sylvie.

Characters - 6/10

While all the characters from the train are present and accounted for, the series really focuses around Graham, Jacuzzi and Czes. 

We learn little bits here and there about Jacuzzi and Nice, same with Vino, Czes and Rachel, but nothing to really grow the characters, well outside of the origin of Jacuzzi's tattoo.

The biggest portion is spent on Graham, who as you can tell by now I'm not a fan of. We flashback to the time he met Ladd and how his little gang got started, but it's basically tons of yelling and swinging a wrench without purpose, he's a lazy rebuild of Ladd himself. The only upside to Graham, and only if it's used how I hope it was, is his "Love and Peace" phrase, which I'm hoping is a tribute to Vash the Stampede in Trigun.

Again points are given for the addition and info about Elmer and Sylvie.

Overall - 6/10

Remove Graham or replace him with a better character and this would be a 8/10 or higher, but his one dimension, and not even an original one at that, just took everything down to the dumps. For a series that had so many interesting and original characters they failed miserably on this one.

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6/10 story
9/10 animation
8/10 sound
6/10 characters
6/10 overall
yasmin09's avatar By on Aug 24, 2011

Story: Takes off where Baccano! leaves off and adds a slightly new arc with a new character. The format was consistent with with that of Baccano! by starting of with the new situation and character and going through flashbacks and same events in different points of views. The arc was slightly interesting but not quite as intricate as intriguing as the original but given that there were only 3 episodes, this did a pretty good job. The humor, violence, darkly-twisted aura and a slightly portion of the diverse cast that was present in Baccano! remains and keeps the story going despite the lack of much plot. This was entertaining but not quite as intense and profound as the original.

Animation: Consistent with that of the original. Besides the slightly awkward and at times non-fluid movement, animation was quite good.

Sound: As good as the original. Since they kept the soundtrack, the music remained of high quality. The seiyuus remained and maintained a consistent quality of voice acting for the characters.

Characters: Some of the characters were more developed than in the original, which was nice. More was explained about Nice and Jacuzzi while Chane's personality was better fleshed out. The Rail Tracer also had some more depth while still retaining his frightening and disturbing presence. The pairing of the Rail Tracer and Chane was intriguing to watch. The new character was interesting but seemed to me to be a replacement for Lad Russo. Though he lacked the natural aura that Lad had as boss, he was still fairly entertaining as an unintelligent but skilled fighter and psychopath. Lad Russo was briefly shown but I was hoping he could have been more developed as well. Claro and the VP were shown which was a nice touch, giving the anime a cohesive feel.

Main fault with characters lied in the fact that focus was only given to such a small portion of the cast but since the specials were only a few episodes, it would be nearly impossible to develop characters if too much attention was given to the entire cast. However, had they done away with the new character and focused more on the aftermath of all the characters, this might have faired better.

Overall: If you enjoyed Baccano!, this would be worth continuing and offers a nice conclusive ending. The plot was not as intricate and unique as Baccano! and lacks about half the cast with an introduction of a new slightly subpar character. With that realization and trying not to expect something mind-blowing epic as Baccano!, this was still entertaining and for the most part, retained the feel of the original series.

7/10 story
7.9/10 animation
9/10 sound
8/10 characters
7.5/10 overall
bollier's avatar By on Dec 21, 2010

These three episodes are a welcome addition to the series.  They basically give a lot of insight into the past of characters that did not recieve much attention in the original. For examploe, we learn the origin of Nice's burns and Jacuzzi's tattoo, as well as Chane's background.  If you've seen the original, you know what to expect in animation and sound, and the story and characters flow in a similar fashion to the original series.  While these episodes add little to the existing storyline, but are equally entertaining and serve to better flush out the show.

10/10 story
10/10 animation
10/10 sound
10/10 characters
10/10 overall