Baby Love

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When Seara was a young girl, she pledged her love to the older Shuhei Seto. In a whimsical tone, Shuhei promised he'd wait for her to grow up to be a beautiful woman, and would then give her love a chance. Now, four years later and through a twist of fate, sixteen year old Seara is living with Shuhei, his sister Koharu, and their parents, though Seara's identity is unknown and unremembered by her longtime love. With steep competition for his heart as well as a lacking chest size, Seara must do everything in her power to win the heart of the man she loves!

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sothis Sep 9, 2004
Score 5.5/10

Baby Love unfortunately suffers from the young adult codependant love interest syndrome. While normal and stable adolescents/teenagers might have a crush that lasts awhile, most (at least I hope) don't become completely obsessive and secretive about convincing someone to look their way. In addition, I rarely hear 16 year olds talking about how they would die for someone they barely know, and only... read more

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angelsreviews Aug 30, 2013
Score 5/10

Well, this is pretty normal style of romance storyline. Two kids fall in love when they were little and promise to get married if one of them holds up to what the other tells them. Seara is a rather energetic girl who somewhat annoys me and somewhat intrigues me the length she will go to in order to get who she has loved for a long time. Sadly, she also feels like she is mostly just a stereo type along with... read more

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Baby Love
  • Vol: 9; Ch: 45
  • 1995 - 1999
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