Azusa Will Help!

OVA (1 ep x 44 min)
2.597 of 5 from 451 votes
Rank #4,761

In the year 2099, the world of sports has been changed forever due to the addition of athletically inclined robots. For Karu Duck High's baseball club, these expensive opponents on Eagle High's team present a large challenge, especially if they want to win the championship, and their pride! With no money to spend and one player short, the team decides to do the only sensible thing -- purchase a second-hand maid robot to help them win?! As the tournament approaches, this group of students must help a cleaning machine be a baseball star, all without ruining her circuitry!

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sothis Sep 6, 2004
Score 6/10

Azusa Will Help is a fairly light hearted look at a supposedly futuristic society that has robots as a commonplace occurance. I say supposedly because although the year is 2099, you really can't tell at all, except for the addition of the robots. Anyways, these robots range from maids (no, really?!) to the more important sports playing robots, which vary in skill and power depending on, you guessed... read more

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vivafruit Apr 12, 2007
Score 4/10

I seem to seperate myself from most of the anime-watching crowd in that I actually prefer shorter animes. In a TV series, the object is generally to pad the length as much as possible in order to cut costs but maintain viewership. In short OVAs, however, little time is available, and so every minute usually will contribute to the overall experience (as opposed to bloated series like ... read more



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