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On a day like any other, average middle-school-student Yurie Hitotsubashi got the surprise of a lifetime – she became a goddess! Unfortunately, even with her newfound powers, Yurie still can’t manage to find the courage to confess to Kenji, her crush. With Yurie’s fame comes others’ fortune; Matsuri, caretaker of the local shrine, names Yurie the shrine’s new goddess and becomes her manager – for yen and glory! Along with Yurie’s faithful best friend Mitsue, the trio set forth on an adventure to find out what it really means to become a goddess.

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Reasons you might like Kamichu!...

JumpMaster13 JumpMaster13 says...

At first blush, these series might only seem to be superficially related. Yes, they are both school girl series, and the central concerns of the characters are those typical of young women trying to find their place in the world. But the difference between them looms large. Whereas Azumanga Daioh is played -- insofar as the characters within their own world are concerned -- straight (other than some odd mental fantasy moments) the supernatural element is absolutely central to KamiChu.

So why if you love one should you love the other? Because it is the way the characters' lives are explored and delineated that makes both series fundamentally charming -- and is what makes both series similar to each other at heart. The characters are never caricatures in the sense of, say, Paniponi Dash, which is filled with cardboard cutouts played for facile laughs. Which is not say Azumanga and KamiChu aren't funny, because they are. But the characters are handled lovingly and respectfully and in so doing come alive for the viewer, creating a sympathetic response few series ever manage. Though both series contain school girl stereotypes, they don't feel like stereotypes -- and in the end that's why you'll love them both.

Azlyna Azlyna says...

These series have a similar "aimless" and lighthearted feel. The characters share an innocent and uncomplicated view of the world.

neutrino neutrino says...

Both are series about a group of students going about their everyday life.  It's fun to watch these and get a sense of what life is like for Japanese students, while getting a kick out of their strange antics!  Also, if you loved Matsuri in Kamichu, then you'll love Tomo in Azumanga! (and vice versa)

Sketchbook ~full color's~

Sketchbook ~full color's~

Kajiwara Sora is a shy girl who loves to draw. She's a member of the art club at school, even though one of the other members scares her sometimes. She finds drawing things like flowers or fruit easy enough, but she puzzles over how to capture more fleeting moments, like the flapping of a bird's wings or a cat that won't sit still. There are things she can draw, and things she can't draw, and with the help of her friends in the art club, she's going to experience them all to the fullest.

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Reasons you might like Sketchbook ~full color's~...

Ragnarokr Ragnarokr says...

You can say that Sketchbook is the Azumanga Daioh of 2007.

Both shows are slice-of-life high school anime, and have both warm and calm moments and even crazy and funny moments.

Azumanga Daioh fans will definitely enjoy Sketchbook Full - Color's.

flyboy42 flyboy42 says...

Imagine if Sakaki and Osaka where to fuze together and then decided to join an art club, that would be Sketchbook ~full color's~. Oddly enough Sora looks like a mix between Sakaki and Ayamu

sanguinius sanguinius says...

Both series are student comedies in which life passes placidly. The point of the story consists on the relationships betwen the multiple characters. Don't expect spectacular animations or epic battles.



Self-professed lover of all things small and cute, Souta Takanashi finds himself dragooned into working at the Wagnaria family restaurant by the diminutive and vivacious Poplar Taneshima. Though the pay is reasonable and the clientele polite, the high school student is often at his wits' end when dealing with the quirky staff. If the indifferent and street-tough manager, katana-carrying floor chief, and terminally weak Poplar weren't enough, Souta frequently fears for his life, as every encounter with the violently androphobic Inami ends in injury. How long can he survive before the combined stress and harm do him in?

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Reasons you might like Working!!...

eaper eaper says...

If you liked the comedy in Working!!, especially when people have trouble seeing something so obvious it makes you laugh, I'd say give Azumanga Daioh a try. Each series also has a large number of extremely unique characters that makes for good comedy.

captaincrunch captaincrunch says...

Both series are very good at the slice-of-life comedy genre.  Although Azumanga takes place at school and Working!! in a diner, they share a lot of simlarities, mostly in the way each show approaches the delivering of jokes and the personalities of the characters.

You can think of Azumanga as a predecessor to Working!!'s style.  If you liked one, you might want to check out the other.

Jakounezumi Jakounezumi says...

Both have rather similar feel to them. Can't really put my finger on it but they give the same vibe, it's like they take place in the same universe kind of thing :)

Neither has any real plot, but is rather random slice of life humour thing. 

Nichijou Episode 0

Nichijou Episode 0

Everyday life may be full of mundane occurrences, but hidden amongst the banality, you can always find something fun to brighten your day. While schoolgirl Mio attempts to cheer up Yuuko after her horrific test score, Nano desperately tries in vain to get the stubborn Hakase to take her medicine. No matter the situation, these innocent girls can make the most of every situation, even by doing cartwheels at a deserted railway station.

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Reasons you might like Nichijou Episode 0...

NimirRa NimirRa says...

The very similar style of humor displayed in each of these shows would almost gurantee a fan of one enjoying the other. If you enjoyed one of these slice of life titles then give the other a whirl and laugh as these young girls make the ordinary into something worth watching.

Karrawolf Karrawolf says...

Azumanga Diaoh and Nichijou are twins in spirit, sharing similarities that make them both personal favorites of mine and common recommendations in the "watch one when you're feeling nostalgic for the other" category.

Both series are about a group of girls trying to make the most of their high school experience, and include super-intelligent elementary schoolers who add an element of innocence which helps to define each series by its cuteness more than anything else.

Both series also contain elements of humor based in the fantastical, from Osaka's daydreams to the young Professor's continual "upgrades" to Nano's form. If you enjoyed this style of humor in one series, you'll certainly have just as much fun with it in the other.

Most importantly, however, both series have a light, carefree, slice-of-life quality about them -- without being shy about delving into the personalities, backstories, and emotions of their characters. While you're given a huge helping of comedy with a generous topping of adorable, you get to connect to the characters and sympathize with their troubles, too. It's a quality that takes a series from a fun time-waster up to the level of a well-rounded and worthwhile story.

If you like one of these animes, you're sure to love the other just as much.

XMrNiceguyX XMrNiceguyX says...

Two moeblob iyashikei (no conflict) series with similar pacing and a similar form of comedy. Additionally, both shows play a little bit with non-realistic elements with androids in the Nichijou, and talking cats in Azumanga Daioh. 

Main minor differences are that the humour in Nichijou is a lot more physical and over the top, while the humor in Azumanga Daioh is more timid and grounded. Furthermore there is a whole range of male characters (albeit minor / supporting only) in Nichijou, whereas Azumanga Daioh only sports a few.

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Daily Lives of High School Boys

Join Tadakuni, Hidenori and Yoshitake as they undergo the trials and tribulations of life in high school. Each episode presents the boys and their classmates in unique situations that you may or may not have faced in high school yourself! You'll laugh! You'll cry! (But hopefully laugh more.) You'll be astounded by the zany antics of the Sanada High School community!

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Reasons you might like Daily Lives of High School Boys...

kukukachoo kukukachoo says...

Both animes are about the everyday lives of a group of high school students, one is focused mostly on a group of girls, whereas Daily Lives of High School Boys is focused mainly on a group of boys.  Both series are hilarious, realistic, and easy going.  If you liked this anime, you will love the other!

Nicknames Nicknames says...

Both anime are pretty much identical since they focus on a group of High School students and the different things that happen in their life, turning any mundane events into hilarious, over-the-top situations. If you liked one and you're craving for more random comedy go ahead and check the other. You won't be dissapointed!

lyllyean lyllyean says...

Lighthearted and fun to watch, these two anime certainly have a lot in common. Two slice of life animes that revolve mainly around a group of school kids that show their daily lives in a simple way.

The chances are high that if you liked one of these, you might also like the other.