Azumanga Daioh


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  • Steins;Gate
  • Nichijou TV
  • Durarara!!
  • Now and Then, Here and There
  • Baccano!

AngryJellyfish's Top 50 Anime by AngryJellyfish

Reasons/thoughts to be added later...

  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  • Death Note
  • FLCL
  • Ghost in the Shell

How to get into anime 101 by maximumoverbite

Basically a "Beginner's guide to good anime".

  • Death Parade
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Toki wo Kakeru Shoujo
  • Monster
  • Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood

Favourite Anime Of All Timez by kiatchi

My top anime that I love in no particular order

  • Chobits
  • Best Student Council
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Ah! My Goddess TV
  • Bakugan Battle Brawlers

My Nostalgic Anime by GabiiTachibana

Some of the shows I watched back in my earlier phases of being an anime fan. :) These shows were pretty much what got me into anime, and they give me such a nostalgic feeling!

  • Fairy Tail 2
  • Zero no Tsukaima
  • Shakugan no Shana II
  • InuYasha The Movie 3: Swords of an Honorable Ruler
  • InuYasha

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