Ayashi no Ceres

Alt title: Ceres: Celestial Legend

TV (24 eps)
3.253 of 5 from 6,068 votes
Rank #2,765

There is a legend of an angel who fell to Earth many years ago, and was forced to marry a man because he held the key to her only way home. Hundreds of years later, sixteen year old Mikage Aya is the reincarnation of Ceres, the vengeful angel, who must now fight for her life against her family and her own twin brother Aki, the reincarnation of her past evil husband...

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  • The Day the Moon and the Sixteen Stars Align image

    Episode 1

    The Day the Moon and the Sixteen Stars Align

  • The Angel's First Kiss image

    Episode 2

    The Angel's First Kiss

  • The One Who Descended to Earth image

    Episode 3

    The One Who Descended to Earth

  • The Stolen Celestial Robe image

    Episode 4

    The Stolen Celestial Robe

  • Toya's Destiny image

    Episode 5

    Toya's Destiny

  • The C Project image

    Episode 6

    The C Project

  • Celestial Awakening image

    Episode 7

    Celestial Awakening

  • The Mikage Conspiracy image

    Episode 8

    The Mikage Conspiracy

  • The Angel's Promise image

    Episode 9

    The Angel's Promise

  • Chidori's Flight image

    Episode 10

    Chidori's Flight

  • Stir of Emotions image

    Episode 11

    Stir of Emotions

  • The Silver Choker image

    Episode 12

    The Silver Choker

  • Relic of the Mikage image

    Episode 13

    Relic of the Mikage

  • The Return of the Ancestor image

    Episode 14

    The Return of the Ancestor

  • Toya's Past image

    Episode 15

    Toya's Past

  • Another Ceres image

    Episode 16

    Another Ceres

  • Bewitching Affection image

    Episode 17

    Bewitching Affection

  • Fleeting Happiness image

    Episode 18

    Fleeting Happiness

  • Chidori's Confession image

    Episode 19

    Chidori's Confession

  • Toya's Death image

    Episode 20

    Toya's Death

  • The Ancient Tennyo image

    Episode 21

    The Ancient Tennyo

  • Song of Redemption image

    Episode 22

    Song of Redemption

  • Mikagi Reborn image

    Episode 23

    Mikagi Reborn

  • Denouement image

    Episode 24


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VivisQueen's avatar by VivisQueen on Jul 28, 2008
Score 6/10

Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed this high-octane, trashy romance very much - but that still doesn't excuse the fact that Ayashi no Ceres is trashy. The script reads like something straight out of a Mills & Boon writer's guide, literally leaping from one contrived scenario to another, only to dive headfirst into a swirling vat of melodrama and sloppy... read more

tollie01's avatar by tollie01 on Nov 24, 2015
Score 6/10

Allright. It's been a while since I've done something like this so bear with me as I try to find my way again.I did quite a lot of them in the past on a different website which you can find here: http://legendsofsatura.net/index.php/forum125/6-reviewing-guild.html ....They probably aren't very good though but please do stop by if you have the time and inclination. Originally the site was for writers, mostly... read more

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