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After witnessing a rare summer snow with his friends, Kusaka Yuu begins to develop supernatural abilities. Years afterwards, he finds himself the target of powerful beings, and learns that his powers are due to the "ayakashi," parasitic organisms that grant special abilities in exchange for a portion of the host's life force. The conflict turns treacherous as Yuu’s friends’ lives also become threatened, and he learns the truth behind the loss of his dear friend, Izumi. Will Yuu free himself from the ayakashi, or will he succumb to the temptation of power?

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roriconfan Apr 3, 2012
Score 2/10

Elfen Lied meets Tokkou. That pretty much describes this series. It has a lot of splatter, along with some psedo-serious aspects, such as people forced to do things that hurt them. But, like the aformentioned titles, the series is just a chain of shocking scenes, unreasonable bahaviors and convinient events.

ART SECTION: 5/10 [Cute Japanese schoolgirls, covered in blood.]
Visually, the series is... read more

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Gzerble Jan 8, 2015
Score 2.5/10

Ayakashi is a load of garbage that will make you want to delete your memories so you won't be embarassed with how you wasted your time and instead be left with the intriguing proposition that you drank until you blacked out. Don't watch it. Really, just don't. I can't stress it enough. I made the mistake because the first few episodes are promising, and then went through the rest in the hopes that there might... read more



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