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In a bleak look at the future, Avenger takes place in a desolate wasteland filled with domed cities. Fighters from each town battle each other for power and prestige. Avenger follows the path of Leila, one of these fighters, as well as Nei, a young being called a "doll" (an android created to live with and serve humans), as they leave their home city, travelling into the wasteland.

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neoswordmaster Apr 9, 2010
Score 3/10

The critically acclaimed movie, Children of Man, had the idea of the end of the human race due to the inability of humans being able to reproduce. Avenger, released a few years before that, had a similar plotline, but has little to no enjoyment that can be garnered from it.
Taking place on the planet Mars, humanity is at the end of its rope. Because Earth is no longer inhabitable, humans fled to the Moon... read more



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