Attack No. 1


Custom Lists

  • Accel World
  • Air Gear
  • Air Gear: Kuro no Hane to Nemuri no Mori -Break on the Sky-
  • Ai Shite Night
  • Aishiteruze Baby

visti by Tilius

  • Attack No. 1
  • City Hunter
  • Gokusen
  • Great Teacher Onizuka
  • H2

Live action TV series - anime adaptations by Youenn

Drama TV series I enjoyed which have an anime adaptation; this list does not contain movie adaptations

  • 07-Ghost
  • Afro Samurai
  • Afro Samurai Resurrection
  • Air
  • Air Gear

mys by amodyx

  • Bamboo Blade
  • Eden of the East
  • K-On!
  • Kurokami The Animation
  • Sora no Manimani

Want to Watch by gucciman14