Asu no Yoichi!

Alt title: Samurai Harem

TV (12 eps)
3.507 of 5 from 12,343 votes
Rank #2,087

Yoichi Karasuma is a strong young samurai who was born and raised in the mountains. One day his father decides to send him to the city to stay with the four Ikuraga sisters so that he can gain valuable life experience, but his first trip into civilization doesn’t go quite as planned. Not only is he late to meet his new hostesses, but he is labelled a pervert and manages to get himself arrested – twice! Now, as he lives at the Ikuraga Dojo with Ibuki, Ayame, Kagome and Chihaya, Yoichi must adapt to his new life at school while accepting the rather violent ‘training’ he receives from Ibuki. After making an enemy of the school delinquent and with a mysterious man after his life, it seems that Yoichi’s quest to gain life experience won’t be so smooth after all!

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  • Samurai Harem image

    Episode 1

    Samurai Harem

  • Welcome to Yokko image

    Episode 2

    Welcome to Yokko

  • Amazing Without Clothes image

    Episode 3

    Amazing Without Clothes

  • Chihaya Being Chihaya image

    Episode 4

    Chihaya Being Chihaya

  • Let’s Go On a Date! image

    Episode 5

    Let’s Go On a Date!

  • Wassan Comes! image

    Episode 6

    Wassan Comes!

  • School Swimsuit, White School Swimsuit, Two-Piece Swimsuit image

    Episode 7

    School Swimsuit, White School Swimsuit, Two-Piece Swimsuit

  • Back Then, You Were Badass image

    Episode 8

    Back Then, You Were Badass

  • A Summer Festival: Plunging Into the Fire image

    Episode 9

    A Summer Festival: Plunging Into the Fire

  • A Battle to the Death at a Hidden Hot Spring! image

    Episode 10

    A Battle to the Death at a Hidden Hot Spring!

  • I’m Taking Ibuki image

    Episode 11

    I’m Taking Ibuki

  • Yoichi Fights On! image

    Episode 12

    Yoichi Fights On!

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blacksteel722's avatar by blacksteel722 on Aug 11, 2015
Score 4.5/10

Here is another harem Type story, with a guy being surronded by girls, but only two are really interested in him. The plot with him being some secluded mountain samurai makes for some interesting/Funny moments, but in the end its still the standard harem, ecchi, comedy everbody knows and only loved by some. Its been done better. read more

darkfanboy's avatar by darkfanboy on Feb 1, 2016
Score 8/10

Pretty standard harem. I find it funny that one of the harem members is a transvestite and it takes a while to find this out. Overall just a fun and quick watch. It was a nice pick me up on a sick day. read more

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