Astroboy (2003)

Alt title: Tetsuwan Atom (2003)

TV (50 eps)
2.709 of 5 from 1,838 votes
Rank #4,518

After a horrific car crash, Dr Tenma lost his beloved son Tobio. Out of grief, he built a robotic son named Astro as a replacement; but soon after, Dr Tenma had the boy deactivated and put into a deep sleep. In the present, the scientist Dr O'Shea finds Astro and risks everything to reactivate him, train him to be a hero of justice, and raise him to be a functioning member of society. Amidst the prejudice of humanity, the pacifistic Astro will promote peace, battle the forces of injustice, and attempt to bridge the gap between humans and machines.

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HaruhiNinja Apr 9, 2012
Score 5/10

Story: One of the most remarkable aspects of Tezuka's creations, Astro Boy being one of the more prominent, is the way he injects such themes as identity, discriminations, the consequences of war, and our sense of morality into to a presentation that never loses its target audience (shounen - young boys). These themes are subtle enough not to interfere with the overall tone of the works which is typical 'boys... read more

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