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In the year 2000, robots are commonplace and in many cases, have replaced human beings in the workplace and in other roles. Dr. Tenma used to be the jovial head of the Institute of Science; but once his son Tobio was killed in a tragic accident, he turned his attention to building a robot to replace his loved one. Named Astro Boy, Tobio's replacement was intelligent and thoughtful; yet he didn’t age, and ultimately Dr. Tenma resented his creation and sold him to a cruel circus manager. Luckily for Astro, he was soon liberated by the current head of the Institute of Science and given a new life. In addition to learning how to become a better "person," Astro uses his nerves of steel and superhuman strength to put a stop to evildoers and withhold justice for all!

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  • Birth of Astro Boy image

    Episode 1

    Birth of Astro Boy

  • Colosso image

    Episode 2


  • Expedition to Mars image

    Episode 3

    Expedition to Mars

  • The Sphinx image

    Episode 4

    The Sphinx

  • Cross Island image

    Episode 5

    Cross Island

  • Grass Boy image

    Episode 6

    Grass Boy

  • Zero, the Invisible Robot image

    Episode 7

    Zero, the Invisible Robot

  • Silver Comet image

    Episode 8

    Silver Comet

  • Hullabaloo Land image

    Episode 9

    Hullabaloo Land

  • The Spirit Machine image

    Episode 10

    The Spirit Machine

  • Strange Voyage image

    Episode 11

    Strange Voyage

  • The Artificial Sun image

    Episode 12

    The Artificial Sun

  • The Deep Freeze image

    Episode 13

    The Deep Freeze

  • One Million Mammoth Snails image

    Episode 14

    One Million Mammoth Snails

  • Gangor, the Monster image

    Episode 15

    Gangor, the Monster

  • Secret Agent 3-Z image

    Episode 16

    Secret Agent 3-Z

  • The Haunted Ship image

    Episode 17

    The Haunted Ship

  • Time Machine image

    Episode 18

    Time Machine

  • The Cosmic Giant image

    Episode 19

    The Cosmic Giant

  • Toxor, the Mist Man image

    Episode 20

    Toxor, the Mist Man

  • Satellite R-45 image

    Episode 21

    Satellite R-45

  • Sea-Serpent Isle image

    Episode 22

    Sea-Serpent Isle

  • The Deadly Flies image

    Episode 23

    The Deadly Flies

  • Kingdom of the Sea image

    Episode 24

    Kingdom of the Sea

  • The Strange Birthday Present image

    Episode 25

    The Strange Birthday Present

  • Don Tay's Infernal Machine image

    Episode 26

    Don Tay's Infernal Machine

  • Pearl People image

    Episode 27

    Pearl People

  • The Wacky Machine image

    Episode 28

    The Wacky Machine

  • Memory Day image

    Episode 29

    Memory Day

  • The Super Duper Robot image

    Episode 30

    The Super Duper Robot

  • Mysterious Cosmic Rays image

    Episode 31

    Mysterious Cosmic Rays

  • The Moon Monsters image

    Episode 32

    The Moon Monsters

  • The Three Magicians image

    Episode 33

    The Three Magicians

  • The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms image

    Episode 34

    The Beast from 20,000 Fathoms

  • Planet X image

    Episode 35

    Planet X

  • The Elixir of Life image

    Episode 36

    The Elixir of Life

  • Astro Boy Goes to School image

    Episode 37

    Astro Boy Goes to School

  • The Asteroid Menace image

    Episode 38

    The Asteroid Menace

  • The Mysterious Cat image

    Episode 39

    The Mysterious Cat

  • The Abominable Snowman image

    Episode 40

    The Abominable Snowman

  • Deadline to Danger image

    Episode 41

    Deadline to Danger

  • The Island of Mystery image

    Episode 42

    The Island of Mystery

  • Ditto image

    Episode 43


  • Cleopatra's Heart image

    Episode 44

    Cleopatra's Heart

  • Return of Cleopatra image

    Episode 45

    Return of Cleopatra

  • The Phantom Spaceship image

    Episode 46

    The Phantom Spaceship

  • The Gigantic Space Crab image

    Episode 47

    The Gigantic Space Crab

  • The Great Space Horse image

    Episode 48

    The Great Space Horse

  • 3D Tee Vee image

    Episode 49

    3D Tee Vee

  • Westward, Ha! image

    Episode 50

    Westward, Ha!

  • Jimbo, the Great image

    Episode 51

    Jimbo, the Great

  • Snow Lion image

    Episode 52

    Snow Lion

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Vorosh's avatar by Vorosh on Nov 17, 2015
Score 10/10

Here we have it folks, the single most influential anime of all-time! it's kinda funny because it looks nothing even close to anything coming out nowadays. Astroboy helped developed anime in so many ways from the sci-fi genre, episodic shows, common anime features still used to this day: (enlarged eyes, round features, shading ect.). But still even though it did help shape the eastern animation style in a... read more

roriconfan's avatar by roriconfan on Apr 2, 2012
Score 5.5/10

Full list of the review series can be found on this page, 3rd post from bottom:

I was around 9 when I first watched the first 10 episodes of Astro Boy on VHS. I had no idea at the moment that it was the 80’s remake of an older show, which in turn was actually a... read more

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