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OVA (2 eps)
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The city of Ikebukuro has become the victim of a series of robberies by a group utilizing robot suits. It's up to The Counter-Demon Seed Special Agent Headquarters, run by five average guys, to come up with a solution. Though he was drunk at the time, Chief Hattori submitted a proposal and it was approved! The plan? Look for an idol to combat the enemy and have her fight for the city using a special armor suit designed by "some random doctor." From twenty-eight people chosen at random, they finally decided upon a young pretty blond female because of her cute appearance and superhuman strength. Now all she has to do is defeat the robbers and become an idol and everything will turn out right, right?!

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skankfish Jan 16, 2010
Score 6/10

Dated, but not terrible parody. Made by the same people as, and including several references to, Patlabor. Features a very strong girl who ventures to both save the day with the cops and be an idol. But which is her heart really set on?!?!?!?Story 6/10Very light-weight story with no message or intrigue or suspense or... anything, really. Was probably quite funny about 20 years ago, but has... read more



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