Assassination Classroom

Alt title: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

Other (1 ep x 32 min)
3.933 of 5 from 3,838 votes
Rank #1,121
Assassination Classroom

The story begins after 70% of the moon was suddenly vaporized in an explosion. The super lifeform responsible for this catastrophe is a strange tentacled creature that can slink around at supersonic Mach 20 speeds. It has a 10 billion yen (US$100 million) price on its head, but for some reason, this creature ends up teaching a middle school class at the beginning of the school year. The students have until graduation to assassinate the teacher, or it will destroy Earth as well.

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Beautybox's avatar
Beautybox Nov 16, 2016
Score 7/10

It's have a good story overall, but the story is lacking sometimes. I understand it's just regular students who have gotten a opitunity to play assassins, but sometimes I miss a little action when they focus more on the midt-terms than the assassination. They sound so full of themselves sometimes it's getting surerealistic to a normal regular student who has been crushed down of the other smater ones. The... read more

Francfranco's avatar
Francfranco Mar 15, 2017
Score 9/10

Completely Spoiler Free Assassination Classroom   Highly recommend for those looking for comedy, some romance, and decent action.  Finished Ending: Yes Overall Themes: Life Lessons (coming of age) Recommendation Age Range: 13 and up (adults will love this anime just as much Dubbed Available I spend a lot of time searching for anime that are genuinely “not a waste of... read more

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