Ashita no Joe 2

Alt titles: Champion Joe 2, Tomorrow's Joe 2

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Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger

Hajime no Ippo: New Challenger

Ippo continues his career as a professional boxer, trying to live up to his role as the Japanese champion. Now that a new generation looks up to him as both a role model and a target - even though he's still a little green behind the ears himself - Ippo must develop his skills both inside and outside the ring. Can the kind Ippo ruthlessly crush his challengers and be a man his younger peers can look up to? And ultimately, can he take his skills to the level where he can follow in Date Eiji's footsteps and aim for the international title? Pro boxing is a difficult sport; Ippo and his friends - even the mighty Kimura, must survive in a competetive world where all others must fall in order for one to rise to the top...

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toxics toxics says...

my tears drop at the whole searies T_T

and the killing moment its the last eps with Jose Mendoza

that one is my fevarot fight ^^