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Hiroshi Ozora has always wanted to be a superhero, so he decided to do the only logical thing: create a transforming power suit called Moldiver! With it, he can fight the forces of the maniacal Professor Machinegal, who desires all of the rarities of the world for his private collection - but when his sister Mirai accidentally changes the suit's design to that of a beautiful girl, Hiroshi's plan goes terribly awry! Now, Hiroshi and Mirai must share the suit, alternating between manliness and beauty, to put a stop to Professor Machinegal!

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sothis sothis says...

Ariel and Moldiver are both humorous looks at a person who must battle in a superpowered suit. Both are fairly uninteresting at times and will appeal to a niche audience, so if you liked one, try out the other.