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Through a series of unfortunate events, Earth was suddenly attacked by Albert Houser, owner of the offworldly Gedo Corporation. To expel the beast-like invaders, one man created Ariel, a woman-shaped mecha designed to defend humankind! But this mecha required a special kind of pilot, and who better for the job than.. his granddaughters?! Now, to save the human race, Aya (who would rather be studying),  Mia (who would rather be playing sports) and Kazumi (who actually likes the job) must pilot the feminine Ariel, before Houser can complete his nefarious plan!

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sothis's avatar by sothis on Sep 15, 2004
Score 4/10

Ariel starts out on a very promising note. A jovial narrator introduces all the main characters (and secondary characters, really). Each of them has something "unfortunate" related to them. For example, one of the girls is unfortunate because she wants to study, and has to pilot Ariel (the All Round Intercept and Escort Lady... I am not joking) instead. We are even introduced to the entire alien... read more

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