Aria the Origination

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The water-laden city of Neo-Venezia is a haven for tourists and dream chasers. While in the city, gondoliers known as Undines ferry the visitors from place to place, showing them the sights or simply lending a sympathetic ear. Akari Mizunashi is an apprentice at the Aria Company, one of three companies in the city, and wishes to be promoted someday to the title of Prima. With the help of her friends, Akari accomplishes many things including helping to shuttle frequent visitors to the unknown sights of the city, gazing at beautiful paintings, and pondering the existence of the planet before it was called Aqua.

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Omurqi's avatar by Omurqi on Nov 23, 2009
Score: 8/10

Ah, how I love this show. Certainly, the Aria series are full of flaws, contain almost zero plot twists, have very slow character development and have nearly nothing going on for most of the time, which is also why there are only very few people I’d immediately recommend this to, but it absolutely excelled at what it was trying to do: creating a slow paced slice-of-life show in a gorgeously idyllic... read more

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