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Argento Soma

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2.973 out of 5 from 1,097 votes
Rank #2,775

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1stdeadlyassassin Stalled     not rated
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abady Stalled     not rated
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Albericht Stalled 1   not rated
AliMH Stalled     not rated
almozayaf Stalled 6   4 star rating
Aloriality Stalled 4   not rated
amandin Stalled     not rated
Amarant Stalled 8   2.5 star rating
Animedragoon Stalled 7   not rated
Aropes Stalled 14   not rated
Asatas Stalled     3.5 star rating
Avidchronos Stalled 10   not rated
Awelowynt Stalled 3   not rated
ayasama Stalled 7   2.5 star rating
AzraelusGuy Stalled     2 star rating
Beemus Stalled 8   not rated
blackpheonix Stalled 3   2.5 star rating
blad Stalled 6   not rated
BlueAngel7 Stalled     not rated
bmac1575 Stalled     3 star rating
bneef Stalled 2   not rated
bo3of686 Stalled     not rated
Buba Stalled     not rated
Bulletproof Stalled 5   2.5 star rating
Caine Stalled 17   3 star rating
Carreau Stalled 10   not rated
Cartoonite Stalled 4   not rated
catita Stalled     not rated
Caudyr Stalled 5   not rated
cdc321 Stalled 1   3.5 star rating
ChibiRakuda Stalled 14   3 star rating
chirale Stalled 2   not rated
chocobomeow Stalled 10   not rated
Clamanity Stalled 4   3.5 star rating
clashkismet Stalled 5   3 star rating
cloudee Stalled     not rated
CrazedCherubim Stalled     not rated
Cupid Stalled 19   not rated
dagger07 Stalled     2.5 star rating
DanteThePyro Stalled 16   not rated
darkelfus Stalled 6   not rated
DarkJT Stalled 6   3 star rating
DarkLavi Stalled 3   not rated
DarkRegent Stalled     not rated
Darkseid Stalled 13   3 star rating
darkwolf18 Stalled     not rated
dasexiboi4sho Stalled 16   5 star rating
DaveBrickheart Stalled     not rated