Area no Kishi

Alt title: The Knight in the Area


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Why I Dropped bvincent

Small Explanations for why I dropped these Anime.

Animes that makes you want to do what they are sojach

As the title say: Here's a list of sport/ competition animes I enjoyed watching.

Top Rated Animeby essagierc

My favourite, top rated anime.

Angelo's Favourite Anime: 2011-2012by Michelangelo1475

My favourite anime from 2011 to 2012. Their subsequent seasons, spin off anime and movies can be found on their respective pages. The list is ordered from my favourite to my least favourite. However, I highly recommend watching each of the anime on...

Sportsby ShadowoftheAngel

This list is all sports animes that I recommend. Some of them have moves or techniques that are not even close to reality, while others seem to be more realistic.

Sports Animeby MontaKun

These are sports anime I would recommend