Area no Kishi

Alt title: The Knight in the Area

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Believing himself to be useless at soccer, Kakeru Aizawa instead becomes the manager of his school's soccer team, while his brother Suguru is its ace, and is even good enough to represent Japan in the championships. However, Kakeru may have a yet unknown strong talent within himself that only his brother Suguru can see, and they often get into arguments over Kakeru's denial of his skills. Things are made more complicated with the return of Nana, an old friend of theirs that Kakeru has a crush on.

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  • I Like Soccer image

    Episode 1

    I Like Soccer

  • Knight in the Area image

    Episode 2

    Knight in the Area

  • A Brother's Pulse image

    Episode 3

    A Brother's Pulse

  • Last Pass image

    Episode 4

    Last Pass

  • Enoshima High Football Club!? image

    Episode 5

    Enoshima High Football Club!?

  • Clash! FC vs. SC!! image

    Episode 6

    Clash! FC vs. SC!!

  • Return of the King image

    Episode 7

    Return of the King

  • Conclusion image

    Episode 8


  • Panic at the Training Camp?! image

    Episode 9

    Panic at the Training Camp?!

  • Little Witch image

    Episode 10

    Little Witch

  • The Division Of The Soccer Club image

    Episode 11

    The Division Of The Soccer Club

  • Enoshima Soccer Club Reborn image

    Episode 12

    Enoshima Soccer Club Reborn

  • Raising the Curtain! Inter-high Qualifiers image

    Episode 13

    Raising the Curtain! Inter-high Qualifiers

  • The Mythical Feint image

    Episode 14

    The Mythical Feint

  • Strong Opponent?! Tsujidou image

    Episode 15

    Strong Opponent?! Tsujidou

  • The Empty 3 Seconds image

    Episode 16

    The Empty 3 Seconds

  • Leonardo Silva image

    Episode 17

    Leonardo Silva

  • Seven's Rival image

    Episode 18

    Seven's Rival

  • Iron Wall!! Four Rows image

    Episode 19

    Iron Wall!! Four Rows

  • Appearance of the Phi Trick image

    Episode 20

    Appearance of the Phi Trick

  • Festival Music is the Melody of Love?! image

    Episode 21

    Festival Music is the Melody of Love?!

  • Emperor, Tooru Azuka image

    Episode 22

    Emperor, Tooru Azuka

  • Desperate Situation image

    Episode 23

    Desperate Situation

  • Tenacity to Win image

    Episode 24

    Tenacity to Win

  • Fierce Battle! Finale image

    Episode 25

    Fierce Battle! Finale

  • Professional image

    Episode 26


  • Ryouma Goes! image

    Episode 27

    Ryouma Goes!

  • The Summit Battle! Kamagaku vs. Shukyu image

    Episode 28

    The Summit Battle! Kamagaku vs. Shukyu

  • Partly Cloudy image

    Episode 29

    Partly Cloudy

  • U-16 Representative Training Camp image

    Episode 30

    U-16 Representative Training Camp

  • World Match Debut image

    Episode 31

    World Match Debut

  • Welcome Home, Romeo-sama?! image

    Episode 32

    Welcome Home, Romeo-sama?!

  • New Challenger image

    Episode 33

    New Challenger

  • Raise the Curtain! High School Championship image

    Episode 34

    Raise the Curtain! High School Championship

  • New Total Football image

    Episode 35

    New Total Football

  • Storm Warning! image

    Episode 36

    Storm Warning!

  • Kickoff!! image

    Episode 37


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ShadowoftheAngel's avatar by ShadowoftheAngel on Sep 5, 2015
Score 10/10

I love watching sports animes, especially the realistic ones. Soccer is one of my favorite sports. I have always planned to watch this anime, but I never got the chance to until now. Everything about it was amazing. I do not like what happens to Suguru only around 2-3 episodes in, but that is what changes everything in the anime.  Overall, I absolutely loved the anime, and whenever you see Suguru... read more

jugemxjugem's avatar by jugemxjugem on Oct 9, 2013
Score 6/10

    Being a soccer player, a dream many boys (and some girls) have growing up and  a dream our hero shares. Meet Aizawa Kakeru , a soccer fanatic just about to start high school who quit the object of his fanatism because of some past tragedy. That  kinda morphs his dream into supporting his brother Suguru , named ''Japan's treasure'' a  once in 100 years born wunderkind below top... read more

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