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Arakawa Under the Bridge

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Holding strictly to his family's creed, Kou Ichinomiya has never once, in his life of privilege, owed anything to anyone – that is, until a self-proclaimed Venusian named Nino saves him from drowning in the wake of a dire accident involving Kou's pants. Eternally indebted to the supposed extraterrestrial, Kou moves into her little community under the bridge along the Arakawa river. Ripped from his life of luxury and success, the young Tokyo U graduate now must adjust to his well-appointed hovel, strange new neighbors, and peculiar lover, Nino.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Arakawa Under the Bridge x Bridge TV 2010 Sequel

related manga

Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Arakawa Under the Bridge 2005 Original Manga
Name Role
Nobuhiro SUGIYAMA Character Design
Akiyuki SHINBO Director
Masaru YOKOYAMA Music
Hikaru NAKAMURA Original Manga Creator
Gou SHUKURI Producer

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Arakawa Under the Bridge babyeinstein12 8/10 Dec 10, 2010

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Arakawa Under the Bridge Halex 1/10 Aug 21, 2013
Arakawa Under the Bridge Pyrrha 9/10 Aug 14, 2012
Arakawa Under the Bridge EroGod 6/10 Jun 28, 2012
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Koyomi Araragi is an aloof boy who holds a strange, supernatural secret which inadvertently leads him to others with similar stories. Gods, spirits and afflictions can be pesky things, taking important memories or causing unusual tendencies – a fact that Koyomi and others are unfortunately aware of. Using the help of an eccentric homeless man, Koyomi is able to help new friends he meets along the way with their own paranormal conundrums…

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Both of these animes are EXTREMELY similar, I can't stress it enough. They use the same kind of comedy. I believe the main protagonist is voice acted by the same person. Both of them are made by shaft, which means the animation quality is great.


Both animes are very similar, have the same Movements, same style, when you watch arakawa the first thing you ll notice is the comedy because is the same style as bake, the eyes movements, the transitions. Than if you liked one you will like the other for sure.


Both anime are very similar in their main characters and stories, though, of course, there are differences. If you like 'Bakemonogatari', you should definitely watch 'Arakawa Under the Bridge', you'll enjoy both.


Made by the same studio, Arakawa Under The Bridge and Bakemonogatari have totally the same style, kinda similar (and weird!) characters. And, of course, they both are comedies not every fan of comedy-genre would like. If you liked one you'll the other, no doubt.


similar, artwork, similar movements, similar type of comedy, similar character designs, Arakawa and Bakemonogatari are also produced by the same studio, studio Shaft. I believe this two shows are pretty similar so if you like one be sure to check the other one as well.


Both being Shaft anime, they share a very unique animation style that few other series can be compared to, along with a similar sense of humor. Beyond that, many characters are very far from ordinary, giving each of these series an extremely different feel than most series.


In addition to both having very unique style of animation which has been come to be expected from work done by Shaft.  Both series also share a similar sense of humor and storytelling and each series also features a interesting cast of characters that you will find hard to find copies of them in other series.  If you liked one then you should definitely check out the other.


The similarities between these two shows are obvious from the opening credits. They are both witty, humor=-packed and extremely dialogue driven. If you are a fan of Studio Shaft or director Akiyuki Shinbo, then these are two shows that can't be missed!


Stars a similar protagonist. Each rather normal guy, one a student, the other a successful business man. Each discusses topics of family relations, and he bonds between friends.

Both of these shows are held together by similar visuals, unique uses of text and color and every day occurrences that have taken a turn into abnormality. A lot of thought and planning has obviously gone into the production of each. Both are well worth the watch!


Both Bakemonogatari and Arakawa Under the Bridge have very witty and clever dialogue and ridiculous situational humor. The art styles are also very similar (the camera snapshots with the eye blinking in particular), and both heavily draw upon parodying other anime.


The art style and comedy of these shows are very similar.  Both contain the straight-man/crazy-guy comedy duo that Japan so loves.  If you like fast-paced humor and strange situations, these are good ones to check out.


They're both produced by Shaft and they have a similar animation style, a pretty unique one that is, you'll notice. They feature the same kind of unusual camera angles and clever sentences with good humor. These two animes really stand out. If you like one of them you will probably like the other too.

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Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei

Life is simply not worth living for down and out school teacher Itoshiki Nozomu. He has no hope of progress, no prospect of promotion, no chance at happiness… he is in despair! Even his name spells 'zetsubou' – 'despair', when compressed. But when the time comes to end it all, Itoshiki's attempted suicide on the first day of the new school year is foiled by relentlessly positive Fuura Kafuka. This saves Itoshiki long enough to meet his new class, and the quirky range of students under his care. Will Itoshiki Nozomu depress his students with his anguish? Or will Fuura show Zetsubou-sensei the joys of life and hope?

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Both, Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei and Arakawa Under the Bridge have the same ironic and quite dark type of humour.

The humour is source of the most similarities, but if you want more: it's the same studio, so animation looks really similar(but it's obvious, isn't it?), characters in both are really weird too.


First of all, every character in both titles are definitly not normal. Then you have the rather obsessed main character (with the same voice and all) who is surrounded by odd and quite funny situations.

The animation seems pretty well done in both and, if you enjoy the silly humour of Arakawa you will enjoy even more de ironic humour of Sayonara.


If you like a great cast of really random characters with a great ironic and dark type of humour check one out if you liked the other. Animation and music style are very similar as well along with quite wordy discussions.


If you enjoy the subtly dark humour of Arakawa Under the Bridge, then be sure to watch Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei! These shows are made by the same studio and showcase SHAFT's visual flair and experimentation, but what really underpins this recommendation is that both shows rely on very unique, developed and hilariously deranged characters.


Both of these series are produced by the same team and use the same directors.  Although the original creator of each is different, there are more similarities between the two than I can possibly list.

Suffice to say, the zaniness of the characters, the sarcastic referential and situational comedy, the style of the animation and delivery, and even the voice actors are almost identical.

If you enjoyed one, you will enjoy the other, guaranteed.


Both series have main character with some kind of with some kind of strange aspect of personality surrounded with group of strange people. Both shows have same kind of humor and they are animated smillar way (and by same studio)...


The two anime have similar styles of presenting comedy and randomness. The fast-paced scenes and constant interaction between the characters keep you on the edge of your seat.

The plots may vary, but the general feel of both anime will feel quite similar, from art style, scene presentation, and voice acting.

If you found either Arakawa or SZS entertaining, you're sure to enjoy the other.


Oddball, weird anime comedies which begin with a very bizarre relationship between a decidedly neurotic man and a woman (boyfriend and girlfriend in Arakawa, teachre and student in Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei - if you've watched either title you'll realize how inadequate that reductive term is) and then expand into a menagerie of supporting extras, not to mention tons of wordplay I'm sure I'll never get. Arakawa tries its hand vaguely at a romance story, but both shows are dedicated gag comedies from studio Shaft and Akiyuki Shinbo. If you laughed watching one, chances are you'll be tickled by the other.


These series have a very similar directing style, similar voice actors, a similar sense and presentation of comedym and a similar art style. If you enjoyed one series, you'll very likely enjoy the other.


As a huge fan of Zetsubou Sensei series, it was easy for me to get to the correct mindset for Arakawa. Both share such a similar humor and character design that they are almost the same. only the animation style differentiate them from one another. The main character in both even have the same voice actor.

Both animes are driven by the character caricatures that take one aspect of their persona and twist it into a running gag, but unlike Zetsubou Sensei, the characters in Arakawa are deeper than they would seem in the surface.


They share a VERY similar type of humor and absurd characters. Arakawa is less random but equally hilarious. Their episodes are presented in 2-6 segments per episode, each based directly on a peice of the manga. They're from the same production studio, and (dig this) their leading character is voiced by the same actor! These two are similar in the best of ways. If you enjoyed one, you'll damn well enjoy the other!

Maria Holic

Maria Holic

Kanako Miyamae hates boys so much that she breaks out into hives after any physical contact with them. So when she is able to transfer to the Ame no Kisaki Girl’s school, Kanako is overjoyed that she can now search for her fated yuri partner. When she arrives, Kanako meets Shidou Mariya, a beautiful young girl who is exactly her type... except that Mariya is really a sarcastic and sadistic young boy who is masquerading as a girl! With no intention of being expelled from school, Mariya threatens Kanako into keeping his secret, and decides to guard her twenty-four hours a day to ensure that she does. Now Kanako must share a room with Mariya who is gleefully making her life a misery while using his ‘feminine’ charms to stop her protesting. Throw into the mix Ryuuken, the most popular girl in school who has vowed to protect her; and Kiri - who claims they are dating to prevent her from being bullied - and it seems as if Kanako’s dream of all-girl school life will be nothing like she imagined!

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Arakawa and Maria†Holic are gag/comedy series with the same senes of humor. A cast full of quirky characters who repeat similar jokes throughout the show, sadism played for humor, and copious amounts of nose/scar-bleeds. They're both by Shaft/Shinbo, so they have similar art direction as well.


Arakawa Under the Bridge and Maria Holic both feature naive leads who are thrown into bizarre situations with a crazy cast of characters. They both have a lot of random humor and a very similar animation style.


The whole entire comedic sense of Maria Holic and Arakawa Under the Bridge are the same.  The strange and weird sense of human a viewer has to posses to watch these sadistic, wacky characters is mind boggling.


Rare is it I see an anime opening that is so upbeat and so demented. Well, it would be rare, but Shaft comediess such as these provide it a lot. Our protagonist sets out wih much opiminism into their new world, but soon finds themselves screwed over by the gods of comedy and rammed into ever more peculiar situations with weirder casts. Aside from being comedies, in terms of actual genre Maria Holic and Arakawa have little in common, but as comedies they deliver pretty similar humour.


Well for starters their both shaft anime so you can expect that same shaft level of comedy and style that you have come to expect from them.  But beyond that both series do share some other incommon with one another.  Both series features a rather interesting cast of characters who are sure to keep the show interesting and entertaining.  As well as an opening and ending that are rather hard to hate.  So if you liked one then you really should consider watching the other.


Both shows are comedies full of characters that do their darndest to be quirky. Their styles of comedies are pretty alike: there's a lot of recurring jokes and straight man vs. gag-maker routines. The comedy in MariaHolic might be more cruel, and it takes place in an all-girls' school, but these really are the biggest differences.

Since both shows are Shinbo-directed SHAFT comedies there are also a lot of similarities between the shows' art and directing as well.

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Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru

The brash Hotori Arashiyama is a far from regular girl with the lofty dream of becoming a genius high school detective, but for now she is working at the Seaside maid café to earn some extra money. Unfortunately the establishment itself is deserted and the teen is far from being the epitome of a gracious maid. Enter Toshiko, Hotori’s friend and classmate, whose expertise and passion for maid cafés – as well has her interest in Sanada, one of the few regular customers – leads her take on the quest to turn Seaside into a bistro to be proud of. However, can a cafe owned by an elderly woman whose solution to everything is curry and staffed by a clueless, foolhardy teenager really become a success, or even attract more than the usual four patrons?

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These two anime comedies from Shaft boast stylish and entertaining animation, similar gag leaden humour where the key development is gradually expanding the show's nutty comic ensemble. They also have a bit of heart and are generally more grounded then the more darkly satiric offerings from this studio.

In the end, they remember to care about ther protagonists as the season closes - but without sacrificing the humour.


Each of these series were made by shaft which means they have a lot of unconventional directing and similar artwork. They both have a lot of off-beat humor, as well, making them go well together.


Both shows are wacky comedies set in a kind of bent take on the slice of life genre. Both series start with a setting and then throw any sense of plot out the window in favor of odd, side splitting exercises in absurdity. Both series are from the same era and produced by Shaft, which means tons of odd close ups, distorted camera angles, bizarre facial expressions, and other artsy trickery. Arakawa features a larger, and perhaps stranger cast, but if you enjoy the pace and absurdity of one you will definitely like the other.


Both are rather humorous comedies that even when it takes on a somewhat serious tone it still ends up being funny.  With both series being made by Shaft they have similar styles of artwork and animation. If you had some laughs while watching one of these then you'll probably have some laughs watching the other.


As wildly different as the settings are (Arakawa Under the Bridge; just as the name implies and Soredemo Machi wa Mawatteiru, generally in a maid cafe), they both share a near same brand of comedy and a slice-of-life vibe that's a bit different from the norm. The comedy is what brings them together, more than anything else.

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In Gintoki's Japan, the arrival of the various space races known collectively as the Amanto ended the era of the samurai. The Amanto's highly advanced technology resulted in total conquest and a severe economic shift. Now, former samurai such as Gintoki scrape together whatever livelihood they can. Gintoki's profession of choice is that of a yorozuya: he'll complete any job for money. However, he’s unmotivated; and spending most of the day on the couch with the latest issue of Jump and a carton of Strawberry Milk is his preferred pastime. It turns out that his new unpaid employees, Shinpachi and Kagura, are going to interfere with his pastime even more than with his "work"! Of course, none of this means he has really given up on his samurai ideologies!

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Both shows share similar sense of humor, grinding on an edge of insanity. Voice acting also has a bit of similarity. If you liked Gintama or Arakawa, watching the other one is a sure hit


Like random characters with odd personalitys? Then both will entertain you.

Both share the same random humor ^^


Both series have similar sense of humour and are full of quirky characters. With their crazy antics, you won't get bored easily. 

The amazing voice acting brings LIFE to these characters.


Both Gintama and Arakawa are very random comedy with very characteristic seyuus. If you liked humor in one, you definitly ought to watch the other.

I'm guessing Arakawa is in Kabuki district.

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