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Arabian Nights: Sinbad no Boken

Alt titles: Sinbad No Boken

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Two young aspiring adventurers, Sinbad and Ali, find an old sailor who has washed up on the shore. With his final breath, the sailor tells them a tale of a hidden treasure and hands over the map he had held on to through his trials. And so, the two would-be heroes are off for adventure. But the road to riches is paved with hardships: their travels lead from stowing away on a ship to the sultan's dungeons -- only to escape with the sultan's daughter in tow! Armed with the power of random musical numbers, not even the ghosts of shipwrecked sailors can stop Sinbad!

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related anime

Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Sindbad no Bouken TV 1975 TBD
Name Role
Shuichi SEKI Character Design
Fumio KUROKAWA Director
Shunsuke KIKUCHI Music
Yoshio KATO Producer

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Stand Alone Movies chii 240 Jan 14, 2011

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