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In a world where mankind is at the brink of destruction, one lone scientist has concocted the means to save it: bioroids. These artificial humans coexist with humans in the city of Olympus, under the watchful eye of the supercomputer Gaia -- to stabilize society. The military strongly opposes their use, however, and the elite soldier Deunan may hold the key to saving both the human race and the lives of the bioroids. Teamed up with an old friend, Briareos, Deunan must race against the clock to discover the secret of the Appleseed before countless lives are tragically lost...

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sothis Jan 3, 2005
Score 9.5/10

Having seen the original OVA for Appleseed, I was expecting this movie would be nothing more than glorified eye candy with a weak plot and nothing to show up the surely pretty graphics. The original OVA is basically a police show, handling one case. We know about the city and the bioroids, and the hostilities between the bioroids and the military, but not much more than that. We have no idea what... read more

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DistMan Jan 12, 2005
Score 9.5/10

It's time for another go at animating the cult manga "Appleseed" (by Masamune Shirow) spanning over four volumes and a databook. This manga is actually "ongoing". Even if it was some 14 years ago since Shirow wrote about things to come in Volume 5 in the databook, the project isn't dead. But when this fifth volume will reach the shelves...well..let's not speculate about that.

First... read more

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