Appleseed: Ex Machina

Movie (1 ep x 104 min)
3.787 of 5 from 6,358 votes
Rank #1,479

In the far future, the world lives under the guidance of Olympus – a utopia built after the end of a global war that decimated over half the world’s population. Mankind lives beside both cyborgs and bioroids, a breed of genetically-engineered humans who don’t feel negative emotions. Deunan and Briareous continue to fight for the Olympus task force E.S.W.A.T., but after Briareous is injured in a mission involving a terrorist attack, Deunan is forced to partner with Tereus: a prototype combat bioroid whose genetic makeup was taken from Briareous. Together, the three must try to unravel an insidious terrorist plot and save Olympus once more.

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FotacienShado's avatar
FotacienShado Dec 20, 2011
Score 8/10

Great movie, you can watch this without having to see the first. The story and plot are kind of overrated, some dude sees humanity as a waste of time and he wants to unify it into one consciousness, eh, however the means by which this is attempted do make the story a tad unique. It has a fair amount of situational comedy and great suspense as to the fates and destinies of each character. I'd recommend this to... read more

Shucurucu's avatar
Shucurucu Apr 25, 2011
Score 8.5/10

Ahora la pareja policial de "Semilla de Manzana" regresa para darnos nuevas docis de adrenalina y polvora, la policia decide tomar una muestra de ADN para ver si nuevos policias tendran buena aceptacion de las partes roboticas implantadas a nuestro hereo pero en el mientras tanto un antiguo grupo revolucionario utilizara una red de satelites para introducir un virus a nivel mundial..   Muy... read more

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