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A hand grasps a pump to make a head scream; a man enters a house only to have his head replaced by a giant finger; a man rotates a handle to make a naked woman revolve. Life is full of mysterious occurrences.

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EmoNovember's avatar by EmoNovember on Jan 13, 2013
Score 2/10

This animation will not even get the honor of having seperate catergories for me to digress upon its proformance.

It has zero storyline, just a bunch of pictures's drawn by a crazy guy who was also probably high, it has no flow to it, it just goes on to new things so quickly and when he couldnt think of a fill in for something, he would extend a scene (e.g when the naked girl was being twisted around the... read more

Marceus's avatar by Marceus on Nov 15, 2011
Score 0.5/10

Why yes I am doing another half-assed review of a crappy Yoji Kuri film. Why? Because I obviously hate myself. Story: A plot? Nonsense. This is just more random shit happening that makes absolutely no sense. Exactly what I've come to expect. Animation: Well it's no worse than most of his other films... so that's kind of a positive point... well not really. Sound: Oh, you're gonna want to turn up... read more


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