Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova

Alt titles: Arpeggio of Blue Steel

TV (12 eps)
3.803 of 5 from 3,685 votes
Rank #1,233

In the year 2039, global warming has caused a sudden rise in sea level, leading mankind to lose a great deal of land territory. At the same time, a fleet of mysterious warships clad in mist, known as the "Fleet of Fog," begin to appear throughout the world's seas, attacking humanity's warships with their powerful superweapons. Humanity threw all the military strength it possessed at the Fleet of Fog in a decisive battle, but was crushed by the fleet's overwhelming might...

Source: Crunchyroll

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blacksteel722's avatar by blacksteel722 on Aug 11, 2015
Score: 6/10

The story isn't bad it just feels a little over done in my opinion. The animation is different and takes a minute to used to, but I took a liking to it after a couple of episodes. The human characters are pretty bland, but the ships seem to have more interesting personalities. Overall not a bad watch to hold you over in your spare time. read more

Ardianajones's avatar by Ardianajones on Dec 24, 2014
Score: 7/10

Story - 3 The idea about some alien ships suddenly appearing on Earth and closing all naval routes is curious at best, recycled at worst. Animation - 7 Good animation in the sense that people's faces lood cute and facial expressions are credible, but the frame rate kind of sucks when the characters move at high speeds. Fortunately, the humans don't move around much to begin with, just standing around so it... read more

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