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  • Music Video (1 ep x 3 min)
  • 2011
2.011 out of 5 from 56 votes
Rank #4,662


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Hyunnie's Watched List yenlin 1715 May 12, 2013
Useless Things... chii 1012 May 31, 2012
Post Name Username Comments Date
Antinotice chii 0 Jan 1, 13
dj8900 dropped Antinotice
xHarukax watched Antinotice at 1 of 1 episodes
bekarowlandns2013 wants to watch Antinotice
xHarukax watched Antinotice at 1 of 1 episodes
eNdZq wants to watch Antinotice

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Eden of the East: Falling Down

Eden of the East: Falling Down
  • Music Video (1 ep x 4 min)
  • 2009

In a hectic, commercial world full of skyscrapers, neon signs and power lines, two people reach out for each other.


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Fast-paced short anime stuffed full of symbolism for any who might look for it supporting rather good music. The animation of Antinotice is more clear-cut and overall gives out a slightly frenzied air whilst Falling Down gives more attention to detail and a smooth flow of the video.