Assassination Classroom

Alt titles: Ansatsu Kyoushitsu

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Great Teacher Onizuka

Great Teacher Onizuka

With a history of leading a motorcycle gang and getting bad grades in school, why would 22 year old Onizuka ever want to become a teacher? Is it to educate young minds or spread the joy of education? Sure, if it involves being able to look up high school girls' skirts! Watch as this would-be educator uses his own life lessons and unconstituted methods as a means to control a delinquent class of students -- students who certainly aren't as happy to have him as a teacher as he is happy to be teaching...

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abdulahi abdulahi says...

A teacher with troubling background with an unorthodox manner in dealing with situations starts work in the homeroom teacher for the schools 'rebellious’ and ‘underachievers’ class. What follows are comical circumstances that see the once hated homeroom teacher slowly gaining the affection of his students. That doesn’t however stop the students from continuing to implicate their mischief behaviours towards the teacher. (THIS REFERS TO BOTH SHOW)

In short. If you liked one, I am sure you will like the other. As deep down, we all wish we had teachers like this.