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Ano Natsu de Matteru

Alt titles: Waiting in the Summer

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4.003 out of 5 from 5,458 votes
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One day, while testing out his new video camera on a bridge in town, Kaito Kirishima sees a bright blue light in the sky and is inexplicably knocked over the side, awakening the next morning in bed with no memory of the event. But upon heading to school, the boy notices a new face that’s familiar to him somehow - her name is Ichika Takatsuki, and she’s new in town. Kaito’s friends, noticing his interest in the girl, all resolve to make a movie this summer and cast her as the lead, to which she immediately approves. Now, the group embarks on what will be a truly memorable summer that no one will forget, as Kaito and Ichika slowly, and clumsily, begin to fall in love.

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Anime Name Type Year Relation More Info
Ano Natsu de Matteru Special DVD Special 2014 TBD

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Manga Name Year Relation More Info
Ano Natsu de Matteru 2012 TBD
Name Role
Masayoshi TANAKA Character Design
Tatsuyuki NAGAI Director
Maiko IUCHI Music
I've Music

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Title Author Score Date
Ano Natsu de Matteru JohnWatchAnime 8/10 Mar 15, 2014
Waiting in the Summer JohnWatchAnime 8/10 Mar 15, 2014
Waiting in the Summer MindlessHooligan 8.5/10 Jul 28, 2013
cheerios69 watched Ano Natsu de Matteru at 12 of 12 episodes
xaipher watched Ano Natsu de Matteru at 12 of 12 episodes
NoEyed is watching Ano Natsu de Matteru anime at 10 of 12 episodes
kakashi87 is watching Ano Natsu de Matteru episode 12 on Anime-Planet
kakashi87 watched Ano Natsu de Matteru at 12 of 12 episodes

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Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai.

Ano Hi Mita Hana no Namae o Boku-tachi wa Mada Shiranai.

Long ago, young Meiko Honma tragically died and her tight-knit group of friends, shaken by the event, drifted apart. Now, ten years later, Meiko has re-appeared as a ghost that only Jinta, the former leader of the gang and an avid shut-in, can see. All she desires is for Jinta to fulfill her final wish so that she can move on to the afterlife, but with no memory of what it was, it’s up to the teenager to gather his former friends and discover what will allow his beloved friend to rest in peace. With so many feelings left unsaid, can this group work out their strife and help the ghost of the girl they once adored?

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Both series  revolves around multiple lovee stories. Although alternate story lines both anime have a similar feel. With the protogonist triyng to fulfill the wish of seemingly only temporary girl.


AnoHana and Ano Natsu de Matteru are two dramatic shows that have similar characters; a socially awkward male, a paranormal girl, and friends in between who are in a pinch regarding their love lives. The director of AnoHana worked as one of the directors on Ano Natsu de Matteru so it's no surprise that they have similarities. Personally I prefer AnoHana, but if you like one, you might like the other.


These series follow similar(ish) love stories, extreme circumstances, and have a very similar mode of story telling. If you enjoyed one, be sure to check out the other.


Both anime are directed by the same man and both have a similar cast of characters. They even share voice actors. These two anime are similar on many levels.


Both series have such emotional scenes built in that I cry constantly while watching both. At the end of the day I feel so emotional that im happy and want to burst out into tears.  If you need a good reason to let out tears and a smile then please watch both of these.


Both anime are centered around a group of friends who are in a love triangle between all of them. The art in both anime is very similar.


Definitely gave a similar feel, both have a mix of romance, drama and a healthy dose of comedy. I watched Ano Hana first, and while watching Ano Natsu de Matteru, the music reminded me of Ano Hana a lot. 


Both discuss issues of death and what happens after death.  "The Flower We Saw That Day" is also a love story of sorts.


In both series you learn in depth with each charactor's bond to the protagonist and among each other.  They are both shorter series w/ less than 12 episodes where the last few are when the deeper story arcs are revealed for the climax. Leading up to them I was engaged enough but missing that win over moment which happened at the end.  They are very similar in storytelling and animation so if you liked one, you're likely to also enjoy the other. (Ano Natsu is more revealing though if some people shy away from that.)


From the first episode of Ano Natsu de Matteru, I thought that the artwork reminded me a lot of Ano Hana, even though they were made by different animation studios, and the multiple love stories are kind of similar to Ano Hana aswell..


Though Anu Natsu has significantly more fan pleasure, the two shows have quite a few unexpected similarities. Natsu has more comedy, a little ecchi, and some filler, but the entire story evolves around the deep blooming love between the characters which does give it a dramatic feel that increases as the show progresses. Natsu also has a really excellent use of soundtrack that guides your mood as you watch.

AnoHana is much moree dramatic and deep, plus I enjoyed the characters more; Natsu sort of has the generic all-bases-covered cast. But otherwise fans of one shoulp give the other a try.


Both series really work on their characterization. The development of characters take center stage in both anime, resulting in stories that you can't help but get emotionally attached to. If you fell in love with the characters of one of these series, you can definitely find the same experience in the other.


Both stories center on character development and their respective love triangles (hexagons) as the characters blunder towards a hearfelt conclusion.


as anohana is probably one of the best drama animes out there ano natsu de matteru has a wonderful built romantic story the only downgrade would be the fact that the ending is too abrupt and most of all it is dificult to understand ( if you watch the whole ending with the ending song you will see the female protagonist in a poncho if you watched the anime you will know ) other than that it is a well structured anime with compelling characters and a beautiful story :)


They have the same slice of life feel, but both offer supernatural elements that coexist so perfecty the story wouldn't be the same without that blend of life and the unknown


Both shows are very simular, they're both about complicated relationships and have a simular story. Both anime are also made by the same director.


Both Anohana and Ano Natsu De Matteru deal with the theme of unrequited love as the series go on. Both are also beautiful series with some great tear-jerking moments.

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Please Teacher

Please Teacher

Kei Kusanagi is a shy teenage boy with no romantic experience whatsoever... until he finds out that his hot new teacher is actually an alien! In order to conceal her identity, the two are forced into a pretend marriage... but is it really a pretense, or are they actually falling in love?

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Alien girlfriend, fan service, pretty much boring storyline both ways :/ Even written by the same guy, the plots seem to nearly overlap.


The same producers and staff, some of the same voice talent, a similar magical girl theme = one of the closest "kinship" relationships among anime.


Both have the same director, and the first episode has the same feeling and scenarios as the first episode of Please Teacher. So if you love'd Please Teacher you are going to love Ano Natsu de Matteru or vice versa :]


Almost the same shows.  Similar characters, plot, ect.  Even the character designs are similar.  If you enjoyed one, you'll enjoy the other, even with them being so very similar.


they have a similar storyline--alien from space falls in love with boy from earth. Visual similarities are astonishing however this doesn't mean it is a repeat of onegai sensei. There are subtle differences that make it worth watching


It's almost the same type of caracters and the kind of same plot. If you like one of those you should see the other.


FFS, even one of the character is the same, 'forever 17' remenber, it's the president which is shown in please twins!! also, it's in summer as well as next to a lake.


Everything is almost the same such as plot and setting

the only main difference is the main characters' public relationship.


In terms of style and storytelling, as well as much of the basic plot, Ano Natsu is a close cousin of the Onegai series (both Teacher and Twins). Many of the characters bear a strong resemblance, in terms of design and personality, and the conflicts that carry the story are much the same. It's safe to say that, if you enjoyed the Onegai series, you will enjoy Ano Natsu, and vice versa.


Being a spiritual successor to Onegai Teacher, Ano Natsu de Matteru sure came a long way from that series. If you watched Ano Natsu de Matteru and liked it, you should most definitely watch the series that started it all. Like Ano Natsu de Matteru, Onegai Teacher features sudden appearance of an alien girlfriend , but it has less drama, (probably) a better story and (unfortunately) more fanservice.


They are essentially one and the same show. Natsu Matteru is just a bit remodeled, that's all.


Historias parecidas chica del espacio conoce al chico :) y sale buena historia de romance 

Si te gustó Ano Natsu de Matteru... Please teacher es una buena opción para ver


When I started watching Ano Natsu de Matteru, I started feeling nostalgic immediately and the feeling continued thoughout. The main differenc between these two is that in Please Teacher, he knew and in Ano Natsu he dosn't. The characters are almost exactly the same, and many of the plot twists are similar.


Alien Girl falling in love with a Earth boy, love triangles and a very common storyline bind these two animes together


Great anime about a boy who falls in love with his teacher after accedintly marrying her. The main character is the type of guy who goes in a stand still moment where he is paralyzed for a long time, he has already been in one for 4 years. Will he go in a stand still once agian?



Ryuuji Takasu has an eventful life: his classmates think he's a delinquent due to his 'killer' eyes; his crush Minori seems ever out of reach; and he’s just had an unfortunate encounter with 'palm-sized Taiga' – a feisty and dainty wench in his class. With different cleaning habits and tempers, the two clash like night and day; that is, except for the fact that Taiga and Ryuuji have crushes on the other's good friend! With school rumors abounding, the duo must now work together to play matchmaker for each other. Who will end up with their true love?

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the pleasant and fun atmosphere between all the characters in both shows reminded me of the other. With an easygoing pace to boot, check out the other if you liked the chemistry between all the characters


Well the character style seem very similar, and the flow and pace is well done.  Most Rom/Coms fail when it comes to originality, yet these two seem to pull it off.


Both are good drama-romance related shows even though Ano Natsu de Matteru takes a Sci-fi spin and Toradora! is more slice of life


Both series are RomComs that revolve around a group of friends, on top of that both feature love polygons with unrequited love driven drama. Even the art style from one series reminded me of the other. If you liked one of them, you'll probably like the other one as well.


Both Toradora and Ano Natsu are the same kind of, very emotional, relationship and romance drama.Both shows are all about love and friendship, and both handle their adolescent romances in a very sweet and heartfelt fashion.


as both love stories are well built i will take side with toradora here because lets be serious toradora has a more compeling love story with stronger characters and better flow ... on anu natsu de matteru the main problem with the anime is not that the anime it self has dull story but the ending is too abrupt and doesnt give a compeling situation .. :)


Both shows have a very simular style and pace. They're also about love and the relationships between a group of friends. 

Sakamichi no Apollon

Sakamichi no Apollon

Lonely Kaoru Nishimi has lost count of how many times he has moved schools thanks to his father's naval career. Newly landed in Kyushu, he finds most of his classmates instantly antagonistic towards him and suspicious of his elite background. Only two other students seem not to mind who he is – the infamously abrasive Sentarou and the gentle Ritsuko. Unbeknownst to Kaoru they have a passion for jazz, and they're about to pull him out of his stiff, joyless world into theirs of loose, swinging self-expression. Through friendship and frustration, love and despair, Kaoru will learn that life has a wealth of experiences in store for him!

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3 people agree

Both series are School-Life and Romance. I think that if you liked the love story of one you probably you'll like the other.

I'm usually not into School-Life, Romance but I liked watching both series.


Both of these shows are charming and bittersweet. The clumsy way the characters try to express their feelings for each other is similar, as is the drama that results because of people's romantic interest. I'd recommend both to people who like a tangled mess of love triangles.


the "love triangles" in both are similar. in both, person A likes person B who has been friends with since childhood and is in love with person C, who likes person D, likes person E, who likes person D back. The way the characters interact with each other is similar and the both end in a way that may make you shed a few tears, but its happy.

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Nerawareta Gakuen

Nerawareta Gakuen
  • Movie (1 ep x 110 min)
  • 2012

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Both of these shows are very similar. They are both school based romantic love polygons that start when a new student transfers to the school. They both include tomboys, childhood friends and unrequited love. The plotting is similar as well but Ano Natsu de Matteru handles its scifi components better.

Unfortunately both shows also have a scifi element that does nothing but clutter the plot and muddy the characterization. IMHO both shows would have been much better off writing the scifi stuff out of the show and focusing on the love polygon and this is coming from a huge scifi fan.


Both essentially high school romances with a light touch of sci-fi, Nerawareta Gakuen and Ano Natsu de Matteru's complex love triangles cause the characters to struggle with navigating friendships and loves, farewells and futures. Fans of one would probably enjoy the other.