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Witness the true beginning of the Matrix: how men created the machines and how those machines stood up against their masters, and the effects of the great war that waged between them, which in the end led to the fall of mankind. Watch the ship Osiris and its efforts to warn the remaining humans of the imminent attack; follow a champion who happens to break free from the Matrix; explore the exploitation of a glitch in the overall system; observe the story of the Kid and how he was found by Neo; travel with an investigator who tracks the well-known hacker Trinity; and learn the secrets of the Matrix in other wondrous ways.

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ratchet573 Mar 8, 2015
Score 4.5/10

The Animatrix
AKA: The Anicashgrab I’m not a big fan of The Matrix trilogy, one of the more mainstream science fiction spectacles of the past twenty years. When I was a kid, I loved it. It was my first R-rated movie, it was dark and edgy like any kid is bound to like, and it had neat martial arts action. But as I grew older I finally watched the second and third films and began to hate the series... read more

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kingofdemons Nov 15, 2015
Score 2.1/10

Story: Confused as hell I really did not no what I was seeing ya it have in each story something to do with the Matrix but very very all over the and to me just a mind blast Animation: Alot of the animation was cool and and very good with the drawing I like that Sound: Just good sound Characters: I liked Cis ... read more



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