Angel's Feather

OVA (2 eps)
1.918 of 5 from 2,300 votes
Rank #6,336

Hamura Shou is a young man who has been searching for his long lost younger brother named Kai since childhood. After transferring to an all-boys school, he manages to find him – but Kai denies it, and him in the process. Meanwhile, in the magical world of Winfield, the white-winged beings of the royal family have been killed and exiled, leaving the throne to its enemies. Through a series of events, the link between Earth and Winfield will be revealed – a link which will turn friends against each other, and cause tragedies to occur.

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sothis Jul 9, 2007
Score 2.5/10

Oh lord.In my endless quest to add as many things to the AniRec, I picked up Angel's Feather. Not only is it a short OVA, but it's also shounen-ai - a genre which usually means no one will add it unless I do it myself. I guess there's one silver lining on the cloud: at least it was only two episodes.See, the title "Angel's Feather" is actually incorrect. I have good... read more

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hotspot May 7, 2015
Score 6/10

The anime introduces many characters right away; some of the characters are interesting enough, but then more characters are introduced out of no where and it just gets overwhelming. I do think a few characters are interesting, but then others are the kinds you've seen a 100 times.  The story I found hard to follow, I couldn't really tell what was going on and it's pretty rushed, but what do you expect if... read more



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