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Angelique OVA 4

Angelique OVA 4 main image more screenshots
2.499 out of 5 from 272 votes
Rank #3,794


Only one woman may rule the universe: she is the Queen. Her role is to keep the balance of creation and, with the help of her nine Guardians, make wise decisions that benefit all. However, the Queen’s powers do not last forever; once they begin to fade, a successor must be found to take her place. Enter Rosalia and Angelique, the finalist Queen Candidates who must face each other in a contest to determine who will take the throne. As they live through adventures in the Holy Land and get to know the Guardians, their true abilities are revealed – but who will come out victorious and claim the ultimate prize?

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Name Role
Shin KATAGAI Director
Kairi YURA Original Manga Creator

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Angelique viewing order chii 0 Jan 29, 10

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